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  1. No-one (with any sense) could call your blog boring! I am fascinated by how much knowledge you have - I forget things an hour after witnessing them! As to where I am on a particular cruising day, forget it! As long as I am happy and enjoying myself (which I usually am when cruising with Regent) who cares what others think.
  2. Hi again Jackie - Fongergot??? I was going to congratulate myself for actually finding this thread but perhaps not! I'm sure I read through it before sending it! Just another reminder - Michael and I will be on Explorer on 8 August - don't suppose Dennis could celebrate twice? xxx
  3. Hi Jackie - don't know if you found my little comment yesterday - have no idea where I put it! Just in case, I'm glad your dramas are over and you are safely on board. I forgot to wish Dennis a very happy birthday - please feel free to have a glass (or four) of champagne to celebrate! Michael and I will be on Explorer in August - can you squeeze that in somewhere? Lee
  4. Hi Jackie - just found this by accident. Hope all the drama is behind you. Have a wonderful cruise - sure wish I could join you, snow or no snow!! Love to you both. Me xxx
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