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  1. I started a different thread about this but got no replies so maybe a different title will work! Have others found that their young adults (18-20) have been able to make friends on the ship? What are the 18-20 meet ups like? Is it organized in any way, like icebreakers, or do they just show up and introduce themselves? Please advise so I can decide whether to book or not. It would be the Escape the first week of March which is a popular college spring break week. Thank you!
  2. Does anyone have experience cruising with a college student during college spring break. Not looking for a “spring break cruise” with a bunch of partying kids but want to know if there is anything organized for this age group. It would be during a popular spring break week so have to assume other families travel with college age kids and will be others onboard but he’s worried he’ll be bored and not meet other kids his age. And yes he’ll be bored hanging out with us and yes there’s lots to do on the ship but what he really wants is what has happened on past cruises when he could still go to the teen club and meet everyone and have friends to hang out with for the week. What have others experienced? TIA!
  3. Thanks everyone! I guess we will expect the worst and hope for the best!
  4. Does anyone know how strict they are about this or if they are even conscious of someone turning 18 on the ship? My teenager enjoys Entourage and is wondering if she will be kicked out for the last few days once she turns 18 or if she will be able to slide through since she starts the cruise at 17 and presumably will have a "17 year old" bracelet/keycard. Thanks for any insight!
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