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  1. Thanks for the information. We ended up seeing a great price on air flights for staying overnight in London, so we won't even fly out of Rome until the evening that we disembark. Therefore, our worries about getting to the airport after getting off the ship are resolved.
  2. Thanks, 2theship. We did arrange for the transfer to the airport, allowing plenty of time. We are just watching the prices daily for flights. I'll check the cruise line's air options, too. One would think they would be more expensive, but you never know. I'd love to be pleasantly surprised at a good price! LOL
  3. Thanks! I'm assuming we'll have a layover to lessen the price, but we'll see what ends up being the most reasonable in terms of time, hassle and cost.
  4. Thanks so much for your information! We will definitely take our bags with us and get off the ship as early as possible. The arrival time is 5 am, as you thought, but no one has said how early passengers can get off the ship. it seems the latest that all shuttles leave the port is 9:30 am, so that suggests we will have plenty of time to catch a 9:30 am shuttle. But I don't know for sure and was just hoping someone had actually disembarked at this port and could provide some guidance. Thanks for the suggestion of just flying out of Rome. I'm sure it's the best option. I'm just surprised there aren't many later afternoon flights unless we want to pay a fortune.
  5. Has anyone disembarked in Rome from a cruise and had to travel to the airport to fly home? If you have, how long did was it before you could get off the ship and through customs once the ship arrived in port, and how long did it take you to get to the airport? I'm finding that the flights out of Rome seem a little earlier than I'd like which might put me in a time crunch to get there. Has anyone taken the train back to Venice or another city to fly out? I know it's a little more of a hassle, but more flights leave later and the prices are better. Any suggestions?
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