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  1. What exactly is the governor of Florida trying to accomplish? Does he realize that he won't be able get cruise ships back in Florida if he says that they can't require vaccinations? I don't get it.
  2. What will it take for these cruises to be shut down again? Will a single case on board be too much? Will cruise lines shut themselves down as they have done in the past, or will they wait for an agency or government to shut them down?
  3. Staying at an underwater hotel has always been on our list, though.
  4. So every health agency with any kind of accountability, around the world, saying that masks help reduce the spread of the virus isn't enough data? That's rich.
  5. Great. Tell me what's wrong with concluding that Texas Spring Break caused cases in Texas to go down?
  6. The real reason cases in Texas went down during that period was Spring Break. We need more Spring Breaks! OK. I'll stop.
  7. See, that's where you got it wrong. You HAVE to watch an episode of Judge Judy.
  8. I saw a tv show in which KFCs in the area started closing up. Around the same time, medical marijuana was legalized. A bunch of people figured out that they could actually give themselves a mild form of cancer that would then allow them to get the medical marijuana. Someone noticed an increase in cancer in the area. Of course, the conclusion was that eating KFC prevents cancer.
  9. Yeah. One day, my mother's computer stopped working. She shut off the power and watched an episode of Judge Judy. When she powered back up, the computer started working right. So now, when she has issues, she shuts the power down, watches an episode of Judge Judy, and restarts the computer. Works almost every time. (The only problem is that she may have to wait quite a while to get to watch a Judge Judy episode. Especially if she has computer problems on a weekend.) So I know EXACTLY where you're coming from.
  10. That's just incredibly weak reasoning. We can all only wish that taking off masks and removing restrictions causes the virus to go away.
  11. If I remember correctly, Hurtigruten and Seadream shut themselves down because they had a few cases on board. So, a single case was too much. Now, the ships in the Caribbean will have special quarantine units and medical facilities onboard. So how many cases is going to be enough to stop a particular cruise, cruise ship, or cruise line. Certainly not a single case anymore. Or, maybe.
  12. Since the pandemic started, it seems that all of the cruise lines that tried to restart then shut back down again, decided to do so on their own. (Is this correct?) So now that cruises are scheduled to start again in the Caribbean, what would it take for these guys to decide to shut back down (or be shut down by another authority)?
  13. But IF the cruise lines could restart, would they? Risk more bad press? Spend lots of money to restart, only to shut themselves down again?
  14. The article also mentions that people are flying to the Bahamas to board cruise ships. Where can I find info on these cruises?
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