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  1. Are y'all also saying that one can also get a better deal by going to a "cruises 'r' us" type website vs booking directly through the cruise line?
  2. So, do you tell the agent the lowest price that you found, and ask them if they can do better?
  3. I think I understand that travel agencies will sometimes buy a block of cabins and be able to sell them for a lower price than booking directly. But if one has a specific cruise in mind, is booking through a travel agency generally less expensive? I've heard folks say that they got extra perks from their travel agent, but when I go to the cruise line's website, I see the same perks offered.
  4. I agree with how masks should be worn. Properly worn masks can prevent spread. But someone boarded with the virus, and once a single person is determined to have the virus, game over.
  5. Would you go on a cruise that didn't require proof of vaccination? That would be the rule that I would want.
  6. Are they skeptical about the timing or its ability to stop the pandemic?
  7. I thought Fauci said that vaccinations would be rolled out for everyone by March/April.
  8. Agree. You're proving my point. You can get an exposure anywhere. And the testing isn't good enough to catch it. Sure, they had a few successful cruises with this plan. But it was doomed to fail. That doesn't make any business sense either. The smart cruise lines are the one's who realize that the only way to keep the virus off the ship with the currently available testing, is to have the quarantine I suggested. So they didn't even try to restart. I'm guessing that, if the few cruise lines that had started to cruise could have a do over, they would say
  9. The people who boarded with the virus didn't break any rules. It was not an excellent plan, because it relied too much on testing that shows a high rate of false negatives for recent exposures. I can propose a plan that WOULD work. But that would involve having everyone quarantine in a designated hotel very near the embarkation point for about a week, after all of the pre-travel activities (flying, airports, public transportation, going to restaurants, going to bars, visiting friends, visiting relatives) are done
  10. As long as a single case results in a big interruption, and as long as we have imperfect testing that has been shown to have a high level of false negatives when dealing with exposures occurring over the previous 1-3 days, cruising is pretty much doomed until we are vaccinated or get some dramatic changes in testing accuracy.
  11. I'm not getting the reasoning for the cancelations through Nov. 2021. A vaccine should be pretty well rolled out well before then.
  12. This thread has gone so far off topic. To the original poster, I think you should consider yourself lucky that this happened. Lay low, and wait for the next year and the year after, etc., etc. Bars are open. It's perfectly legal to go to them. Traveling to the cruise results in potential exposures. The available testing is inadequate to keep an infected person off the ship..
  13. I didn't see questioning as part of boarding on Seadream's site. Nor did I see a list of actions during the days before boarding that would result in a denial to board. There was too much faith put in tests that are notoriously inaccurate during the first several days after exposure, in my opinion.
  14. It's very possible that they didn't pick up the virus while partying in Miami. One of them could have been infected anywhere. But SeaDream probably should have spelled out their expectations for passengers during the period after the initial test was done. I've spoken with several people who had the impression that if they test negative, they are somehow immune to getting it. These people aren't alone as far as lack of social responsibility. Just look in the mirror if you are planning to get together with family members living in other households, during Thanksgiving
  15. But were there any rules in place for the 3 days leading up to the cruise? A better plan would have been to have everyone quarantine in a dedicated hotel in Barbados for 3 days. Everyone has their own idea of how to avoid the virus. A large % of the population still thinks this is a hoax.
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