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  1. Is there an easy way to find out which dock our ships will be at? Specifically Equinox in St Thomas in February. Do they pretty much always go to the same dock?
  2. It says its from 1-4pm. Our ship leaves at 5, does that leave enough time to get back to the dock/ship??
  3. I always keep all of the paper in one spot (where the magazines are on the wall) And leave them in a pile on the desk when i leave so its easier to sort. I don't put it in the trash so it doesn't get dirty by other things we might throw away (food).
  4. deleted my comment
  5. Looks like one of our stops with Celebrity has been changed to Samana. Havent been able to find much info. I was hoping people that have been there could give me some pointers? Apparently we tender there. Has anyone been yet? Things to do? How did you find tour guides?
  6. NCL board doesnt' seem to be working so i thought I'd ask here. Do you know what dock Bliss uses in St. Thomas. Trying to figure out directions for my tour with Godfreys. Thanks!
  7. I carry my phone around for the camera function.
  8. We’ve been asked over 10 times if we want/have the drink package. It’s actually getting annoying. We aren’t big drinkers and didn’t get the package. They are really pushing it.
  9. Leaving the west coast now. After turning around to change my husnbamss shoes because he stepped in gas.
  10. Tornado watch over here on the west coast of FL. I ran to the store to get dog food and i swear i was in a mini tornado!! I was so scared. Bad weather is headed your way, be safe! Im so ready for a drink in my hand!
  11. My husband and I will be on the same cruise! We live on the west coast of Florida. My husband is supposed to get home tomorrow (his job has him out of the country for a month and then home a month) Big storm headed our way tomorrow so im crossing my fingers he makes it ok. He flies into ATL from Madrid so if the worst case he can drive home from there. ( 8 hour drive) This was kind of a last minute decision for us to go. Cant wait to get on the ship.
  12. Sorry didn't have my glasses on, couldn't see what it says. I saw people calling you chief and saw that youre in Maine. Guess thats what i get for assuming. 🙂
  13. MMA grad? What year? My husband graduated in 1998. Engine.
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