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  1. We love not having to drive to dinner, find a parking space, watch what we're drinking because somebody has to drive afterwards, etc. Similarly, we love getting out of our show and just being able to walk to wherever we want to go next. We also love not knowing or caring what our food or shows cost. It's all paid for.
  2. Pretty sure OBC can be used for the art auctions, as the Park West people just bill your stateroom account.
  3. Country music can be pretty divisive; the people who hate it really hate it. The major cruise ships are all about appealing to the broadest demographic, which is why you don't hear a lot of metal or gangsta rap either.
  4. We did the Croydon Plantation expedition three years ago. Our opinion is that something sketchy may be going on there. The "tour" involves being taken to several different touristy areas in one section of the plantation, given an oral history of Jamaica, trying several different kinds of pineapple and juices, and given a chicken lunch. But you get no sense whatsoever of the plantation's operations. We spent three hours or so there and couldn't even tell you what kinds of plants the plantation grows or harvests. Contrast that to the banana plantation tour in Nicaragua where you're taken through the entire operation and know exactly what they're doing and how.
  5. Don't count on there being more than one usable outlet in the room. My recommendation would be to bring a power strip, but make sure it is a plain power strip and NOT a surge protector, as those will be confiscated because they are incompatible with the ship's wiring and could be dangerous.
  6. We're going on this cruise (or rather the Seward-to-Vancouver version of it) next week. Thank you for the information and the daily program pics!
  7. We're cruising Alaska for the first time next week, and this is the first cruise where the majority of our shore excursions will be non-NCL. The NCL ones are WAY too expensive and since Alaska is in the US, you have American protections against fraud, etc. We used Viator or Shore Excursions Group for ours.
  8. If we're taking the early morning Coastal Classic train from Anchorage to Seward, do we board at the depot in the airport, or the depot on 1st St? We'll be staying at the downtown Hilton beforehand.
  9. The bickering in this thread makes me want a drink...
  10. This is why I, a casual drinker, have never taken advantage of the "free" drink package. On a seven-night cruise, I'm unlikely to even drink $138 worth of booze (which would be about two drinks a night, give or take), let alone enough to build up $138 in tips.
  11. We did a 15-night cruise last November. Our biggest regret was that it didn't last longer.
  12. You are not. They recently jacked the SDP prices up.
  13. In other words, it gets you the exact same stuff most hotels give you as part of the basic room rate.
  14. The difference is that a US hotel housekeeper is paid at least minimum wage. Yes, they spend 25 minutes cleaning my room. That's what they're paid to do, and that cost is presumably included in my hotel room rate. I don't tip bartenders, either. They made me a drink, which I'm paying for. If the bar has a waitress who takes my order and brings the drink out to me, I'll tip her a buck or two per drink, but if I have to go up to the bar to order and get it, why tip at all? On the other hand, it's understood that cruise line room stewards are paid a ridiculously low wage which is made up by their tips (or DSCs or whatever you want to call them). We always pay the full DSCs on our cruises.
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