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  1. Thank you for your well informed comments. We will be leaving the gratuities to be shared amongst all.
  2. Gratuities are included in the price of our cruise on Silhouette next year as part of a promotion. As we are not adding them on ourselves can we still somehow redistribute (the full amount) to the most deserving staff?
  3. Celebrity is one of the few lines you can purchase different drinks packages if sharing a cabin. My wife stuck to the 'included' Classic package last time as she does not drink a lot of alcohol nor is particularly fussed over quality, whilst I upgraded to Premium. This worked perfectly for us. We have done the same for our cruise next year. No, you CANNOT purchase drinks for others using your premium card but your partner can pay the difference if they fancy a particular drink that is over their Classic limit. My wife tried a cocktail in the Silhouette's 'World Class Bar' and paid t
  4. Is it possible to use your Premium drinks package in Cellar Masters on Silhouette please? I saw a pre-payment system mentioned and am slightly confused.
  5. This is Cruisecritic Forum at it's best. Thank you for all the relevant information guys. Extremely helpful, sorted.
  6. Hi Sasset Thank you for you help. Were you able to choose from a wine menu (giving prices) in the dining room?
  7. I have upgraded my drinks package from Classic to Premium. In the main restaurant on our last cruise aboard Silhouette the sommelier offered each table the choice of red, white or rose wines by the glass. As I now possess a premier drinks package am I able to ask for a better quality Pinot Grigio for example with my meals or am I still only able to drink the standard wines that are brought around? I am aware you can buy bottles of wine at 20% discount but this would obviously cost extra over and above my Premium package. Same question applies whe
  8. We have a concierge cabin this time and have a fairly tight time-line to meet our privately organised tour at our first port of call. Problem is this port is tendered. We know with concierge there is priority embarkation at ports and Celebrity have vaguely said this applies to disembarkation in port as well. Is this actually the case? How does it work? Would there be a separate exit?
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