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  1. this is great information....thank you.
  2. Final payment will be due in September. If the cruise line cancels it, what happens to the deposit? One way or the other we probably won't go due to COVID concerns related to DH's health, but I'm wondering if I should just wait for now. Also, can this deposit be applied to a later cruise? Thanks all.
  3. In Florida our numbers are steadily and rapidly rising, and Disney World is going to open in a few weeks. Add to that the Republican convention later this summer and we have a recipe for disaster.
  4. Just wondering what people are thinking about when to board another ship....missing it!
  5. Texasgrillchef: I'm sorry, I don't know.
  6. Getting off the Rotterdam in Rotterdam, boarding a bus headed to the tulip fields....
  7. we would be sharing the trip with you!
  8. ours didn't qualify...dang!
  9. My husband is a transplant recipient who has had to change meds quite often, and sometimes has nasty side effects. We no longer schedule transatlantic voyages...much too risky, and that's on us, not the cruise line.
  10. Thank you....very much looking forward to the Zuiderdam and this itinerary later this year.
  11. My husband developed an abcess during a cruise....poor guy, he was in quite a bit of pain, with no dentist onboard...the doc gave him pain killers, but it didn't help much.
  12. Yes....wherever happy hour was, and this varied from day to day...check your daily program
  13. We had delicious hors d'oeuvres during happy hour on the Nieuw Amsterdam this past November.
  14. I use them as coasters....however, iced drinks result in pooled water, glass adhering to the coaster...when I pick up the drink, along comes the coaster, which promptly crashes to the floor....thank goodness there is a somewhat regular flow of coasters...
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