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  1. Where did you see May 1st? My Cuba cruise is TOMORROW literally. I’m beyond pissed!!
  2. My cruise is leaving tomorrow!!! What in the world!
  3. I am onboard this ship, and there haven’t been any additional announcements about it. The pictures are still posted at all the elevators at every deck though. It’s really strange, how they have kept it quiet for the most part. And honestly, I just got the 24-hour Internet package to be able to go online, and this thread and articles from online news sites have given me more info than we’ve gotten from the ship directors.
  4. Thanks Shaded lady and Bury me! Yep I was able to get through finally a couple of hours ago
  5. Good grief. It’s pretty ironic and hilarious that someone on the Internet is trying (and failing) to admonish me for not paying attention to announcements about a site I’m in no way shape or form referring to, but isn’t quite paying attention to clearly written statements themselves. Fact: I posted this question in the Carnival sub-forum...not in the general, technical, etc. forums Fact: I referred to changing my booking on the site How you derived that I was having trouble changing my booking on cruise critic, and I deserved to get confronted with a long drawn-out sarcastic question is beyond me. Relax, it’s not that serious. Thank you to the ones who wrote a simple yes or no. *shaking my head*
  6. I have been trying to make changes to my booking since late last night but keep seeing a message that the site is temporarily going through some improvements and to check back later. Woke up this morning, and same thing. Anyone else?
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