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  1. My husband and I have cruised many times together in the past and have really enjoyed it. We have not cruised in about 3 years now. We now have a child who will be 22 months old at the time of our cruise we have booked in February of next year on the Carnival Valor. I have a few questions if anyone that has experience with cruising with a toddler aged child on a Carnival ship could help me with! 1. I've heard of people requesting a crib/pack and play for the stateroom. I have looked everywhere on our online account and check in documents and cannot find anywhere to request this! Do I need to call Carnival and ask for this? 2. Our child will not be two so I know he will not be able to use the child care services that are offered throughout the day at Camp Carnival BUT I have read that they do offer certain times during the day they will watch children under 2 for a fee. Does anyone know what times this would be offered? Early morning, afternoon? Only on sea days? Just curious! 3. Does Carnival allow you to bring snacks on board for your toddler? He can eat pretty much anything but I'm just curious if they will allow you to bring pre-packaged snacks that are easy for him to consume. Any other tips/advice are gladly welcomed! Thank you for your help!
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