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  1. I would be interested in a fishing trip but my cruise ship doesn't off one. Are there any independant fishing trips on offer, can't see any on Viator.
  2. We just watch where the crew go!
  3. $20-$50 tip on top of the cost of the tour! They must hate it when their party is made up of tight fisted Brits!
  4. Is there a good beach on Caye Caulker?
  5. Does anyone know the cost of the taxi fare from Puerto Limon to Cahuita Beach/National Park? Whats in Port says it is $20 but Cruise Crocodile shows a picture of taxi prices showing $40pp!
  6. Might be a daft question but does the hard Rock Cafe have hard rock blaring out all day?
  7. We are booked on a cruise on 25th Feb from Jamaica and I am starting to get a bit worried!
  8. I was told that over 60's shouldn't have the Yellow Fever vaccination. All the vaccinations I had were free.
  9. We have a Carribean cruise starting 25th Feb and we are starting to get seriously concerned that it will be cancelled. not heard anything yet but I believe a ship has just docked in New York that has been round the Carribean that has Coronavirus on board or suspected of being on board.
  10. I'm British, I don't tip unless I have had exceptional service.
  11. There should be some nice beaches in Jamaica and there is a nice beach next to the cruise port in Roatan.
  12. Roland123

    Mahogany Bay

    Yes saw you video, very useful thanks. How much did you pay for sunbeds?
  13. Roland123

    Mahogany Bay

    Are there any quiet areas on Mahagany Bay, all the videos I have seen show row after row of sunbeds!
  14. There is a Roll Call for this cruise and we are arranging to meet up on board, add your name to the Roll Call for info on when and where to meet.
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