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  1. Boarding did not begin until 3 pm for our cruise from San Pedro on Dec 3. We had no advance notification and 3000 were sitting/standing at the terminal for hours until they could get the ship cleared. It was a nightmare.
  2. On our Emerald cruise leaving Tuesday, it is available to book ahead. Just can't use OBC. Not sure if this is on all sailings or not. This is new. Never been able to book ahead before.
  3. Does anyone know if you use the offer to buy OBC, is it refundable if you don't use it all?
  4. On our Regal cruise in February our steward provided the duct tape. You do not have to bring your own. Not sure about extension cord as we always bring our own.
  5. He was on the Regal in February 2019. Great show!!
  6. I am unable to have the vaccine. Our local travel medicine expert advised that I should spray my clothes with permetherin and use mosquito repellent with Deet on any exposed skin. We also plan on seeing the Embera Indian Village. I am sure this would be adequate for you also.
  7. DH and I were in St Petersburg last summer. Although it was stated no food off the ship, we had kind bars in our backpacks and no one checked. No x-ray on exit from ship. Bags were checked when returning to the ship. I would think as long as it is in original wrapping it would be ok. You might run in to trouble with fresh fruit though.
  8. Regal Princess is now Grayr, Bernadine (PCL) bgrayr@princesscruises.com
  9. I have not used it yet, but it says you connect 4 devices at a time, so I don't know how they would know you were sharing. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than I will chime in here, but I bet you could share the 4 device pkg.
  10. We've been on the Regal twice. Once in July 2018 for a Baltic Cruise and then February 2019 Eastern Caribbean. We absolutely love the ship. We had no problem with service or the food. Between the Main Dining Room and the Buffet, we were always able to find something to our liking. The Pizza at Alfredo's is great! Go and enjoy your cruise.
  11. Same thing with Sprint, but the monthly charges are higher. We used our cellphone in the Baltics, including St. Petersburg with no roaming charges what so ever.
  12. In addition to the ones on the desk, there is also one on the back of the TV. We were surprised when our steward used that one to plug in the extension cord for our CPAP machine in February. It allowed the extension cord to be next to the wall and we didn't need to tape it to the floor!
  13. We were on the Regal in February. Our cruise had both the medallion and cruise card. Never used the cruise card and was told by the IT dept head that our cruise was the last with both. The next cruise and beyond would be medallion only.
  14. Random people who show up at staging. Once you get through customs, the tour companies all have agents with signs and they will direct you to where you need to be. Don't sweat it. There were 5 ships in port when we arrived and the whole process took us 45-50 minutes. We were through customs in plenty of time for our 8:30 tour. Have a great time.
  15. We were in St. Petersburg in July 2018. This rumor was all over the boards back then. It was not true! Princess had everyone report to a staging area where you are assigned a group number. We waited about 10 minutes for our group to be called. Russian customs didn't know or care what group we were in. The only issue is whether your tour guide can enter the area where you are to be picked up. If they scheduled you for 8:30 am, just get to the staging area by 7:15 to give you enough time to clear customs on the first day. The second day is a breeze.
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