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  1. Phone P.O. They rebook very easy process I found them very helpful. Are cancelled cruise was with Tui could not get hold of them at at my cruise was in May they eventually phoned me in June to say cruise cancelled and what did I want to do with my FCC ? I said I have already booked direct with Po. I also have a cruise book through a local TA for next year I wanted to make a change they were very helpful no problem getting hold of them during shutdown. Neither charged a booking fee.
  2. Hi phoned P.O. Today to transfer a cruise we booked with our cancelled FC C (May 2020 cruise) from July next year to Sept next year, mentioned it was a shame I can't use my extra FC C on a cruise I already had booked for May next near I booked before any covid started. She said I can do that for you, and paid our remaining £1600 FC C off my May cruise well happy with that. Great service P.O. Only took 2 mins to get through
  3. Thanks for all your rep!ies does seem September/October May suit us better
  4. Hi we've transferred our May med cruise this year to next July now thinking it may be too hot couple of our group have health issues and struggle if too hot. Looking a maybe swapping it to end September Anyone cruise med rom UK at this time of year, what was the weather like, and sea crossing especially bay of biscay Thanks
  5. Thanks for all your replies I will look at both and May try annual if cheaper
  6. Does annual insurance automatically cover cruises or do you have to tick a cruise box like with one trip?
  7. We have always booked one trip holiday insurance as have only had one ho!iday. Next year we have 2 cruises book due to cancellation. Both europe Norway and Med. Is an annual insurance befter? I know when we went to use with my grandson he had a short hospital stay before holiday (after we had insurance) which I told insurance about they said that's fine it would only make a difference if you had an annual insurance. why? With annual insurance do you have to tell them every holiday you book? Does it include uk holidays? If you develops a condition will they still cover you for holidays booked during that year? Are there advantages/disadvantages with annual insurance? Thanks for any advice.
  8. We changed our med cruise as soon as ours was cancelled for May to July next year same ship 1 port less,got it cheaper than last cruise so with FCC got almost enough FCC for a week cruise happy with that but see the price is now £700 more for same cabin but would still be covered if we booked now with the 125FC C . Have you looked at different dates
  9. Were doing a Fjord cruise in May with a 9 and 12 year old visiting ports Stavanger, Olden, Geiranger and Haugesund. Anyone visited with children ? Do P.O. Put on different excursions during school holidays more for families? I have been twice before so know the normal excursions. Thanks
  10. Yes Gordon Ramsay is apparently staying in his second home. Hope your Iona cruise goes ahead were keeping options of booking a autumn cruise this year with FCC we have left as can't fit another one in next year due to holiday allowance.
  11. We have a caravan holiday booked by new forest for August, hoping this will go ahead something to look forward to . Our med cruise for May cancelled transferred to next July, also have a Fjords cruise booked from end May 2021 hoping that will be ok if is only one country ports, still have to get insurance for the 2 cruises couldn't get when booked as over year out and can't get now. We live in Cornwall you'll have a lovely time down here hopefully were be open to visitors then,
  12. Hi looking to changing 2 inside cabins to balconies, for our cruise next May. Will get have a few for upgrading apart from cabin costs.? Thanks
  13. Hi we have a fair bit of FCC left Evan after booking a new cruise with it for next year, we have another cruise booked for next May, which we have just paid a deposit, would we be able to cancel and rebook using our FCc we have enough to pay for about 2/3 of the cruise. ? I know we would lose the Dr osit. This would only be if we can't fit another one in which would have to be in this holiday year as we haven't enough holiday allowance for next year. Still keep hoping to sneak a 7 nighter one in later this year. just seeing if anyone has cancelled and rebooked same cruise and cabin using FCC.? Thanks
  14. We rebooked our med cruise for next year after ours was cancelled phone p o to book the lady said she could go ahead a reserve the booking even if our FCC. Hadn't gone into our account and it would then go in but it was in our account. Hopefully you'll get it sorted phone p o I found them very helpful
  15. We have booked the same cruise for July 2021 that we had cancelled in May and it's cheaper than our May one. So have enough Fcc for another cruise in happy with that.
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