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  1. Thanks for all your replies this will be our 4th cruise and longest (14 nights) we have never done formal, dressed smarter in evenings and used the buffet. Haven't really took a lot of notice what the men wear just a lot of black and white. I will pack a white shirt and some colour ones which I think he would prefer. I'm busy getting myself sorted first, not sailing until May. Thanks again
  2. Hi as the title says do men wear a white shirt on formal nights ? Or can they wear a coloured shirt and tie? Thanks
  3. Thanks for all your replies sound like he will be able to have kids menu . At home I often have to do 2 different meals, he'll have roast,( no veg except peas) stew , cottage pie, nothing with any sauces, spice, I feel more confident he will eat a few things there, or he can go to the buffet after we will use the buffet as well . Thanks again
  4. Our last cruise was a mini on Independence of the seas end Aug, buffet was so busy they kept announcing "when you have finished eating can you leave so someone else can use your table please" never had that on PO. Breakfast on P.O. In June on Azure was manic in the buffet. I don't mind dining in the buffet but just fine mdr. All much more relaxing experience we do freedom, always got a table ok for our size party. Staff everywhere were fantastic.
  5. Where going on brittannia, I may tell him to have a burger before we go into the restaurant . One night before he went to the buffet with my son whilst I went mdr with the rest of our group
  6. The only thing he would have both days was steak, left the veg and jacket potato, and only choc cake from dessert he would eat. His idea of dinner is Sausage egg and chips, etc !!
  7. Hi we have been on 4 cruises, usually eat in the buffet evenings as hubby is a fussy eater. Last 2 cruises P O and RC went to MDR couple of nights, what a difference not just the food but so relaxed. Whereas in the buffet your rushing around never all sat down together as someone is always off getting something. On our last cruise we did go twice to mdr hubby soon got fed up as just had steak both nights and a chocolate cake no starter, no way was he going a 3RD night. He did see our grandchildren have sausage and chips and said I would preferred that. Can he have a child's meal but larger? Can be have chips instead of potatoes? Can be ask for baked beans instead of green beans? We are going on a 14 night next year and would like to do mdr a lot more, Any advice how flexible are they in the restaurant Thanks
  8. That would be nice if was my 17 year old grandson who came with us that ordered it under my card.
  9. Hi I have checked the bill it isn't on there just the prints we picked up onboard
  10. Hi we came back from Independence of the seas mini cruise on 2nd Sept, monies/ charges went onto my CC , I noticed they were on their on the 2nd when I checked my bank. My grandson ordered a photo book and was told I would be charged when it was ready to send he received it over 2 weeks ago I checked my CC account again today and it still hasn't been added. Anyone ordered a photo book if so when we're you charged? Thanks
  11. Had a great 3 day taster from Southampton on Independence of the seas, was wondering when Cruises for 2021 come out would like to know which ship it any will be sailing from Southampton Thanks
  12. I assume we will have 1 formal night on our 3 night cruise on Independence of the seas, when will this be? Thanks
  13. Hi were going on a 3 night cruise on Independence of the seas next week.Only sailed PO. before which we didn't do the formal nights but dressed smart me black trousers and smart top, hubby polo shirt and smart trousers and black shoes. What is acceptable on RC for men ,? can men wear trainers ,any trousers, polo (t shirt with collar) shirts? Or do they need black shoes? Smart troursers,? Thanks
  14. Hi does anyone have a current discount code for ABParking at Southampton please Thanks
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