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    What are those wooden boxes on the beach at Roatan's Mahogany Bay (see pic)

    No, I do not think so. If I remember correctly, there was no trash can in them and the back facing the water was open. Do they hold menus for ordering food & drinks? Used to hold valuables while guess are in the water? Do they have an attendance to collect money to upgrade your lounge chairs? (I know there is an "excursion" package for getting better lounge chairs).
  2. Silly, question but what are those wooden boxes on the beach at Roatan's Mahogany Bay used for? We went there two years ago. We did not make it to the beach until everyone else had left for the day (started to rain). We are going back this December (2018) and would like to know what these boxes are used for. Thank You, Rayden
  3. Yes but thank you Foodluvr. Per Disney "Unfortunately, merchandise sold onboard our cruise ships or at Disney Castaway Cay are not permitted by U.S. Customs to be imported for sale within the United States. We are not even permitted to offload complimentary merchandise to ship as goodwill gestures." AND A BIG THANK YOU shout out to Hotel CA and Goofy810 for trying. Unfortunately, one ship ran out and one did not carry the print. The ships re-supply at Castaway Cay apparently. The good news is that someone may be getting me the print TODAY! I will have to wait to see when their cruise is over. Best, Rayden
  4. I am still looking for someone who can please help me get this Larry Dotson print from a Disney ship. Thanks You, Rayden Rmortis10@ yahoo.com
  5. Rayden Lightning

    St Lucia scuba diving tour operator recommendation

    WiddyTwo, absolutely. Please write a review and let us know how everthing does. Ex dive operator, dives, condition of the dive boats, how the boat works out with snorkelers and divers,conditions of the island after hurricane etc. Thanks Rayden
  6. Rayden Lightning

    On-Board Purchases - Will Disney ship on-board purchase for you?

    THANKS All !!! The only problem is that the print I want may not be considered "artwork". The print I want is $50 retail. For what it sounds like, it is maybe the auctioned off art pieces that Disney will ship for you? A mass produced $50 print may not qualify. Thoughts?? I am actually I trying to find someone to buy the print for me from one of the Disney ships. (the print(s) are exclusive to Disney Cruise lines, even the artists can not get access to them. I communicated with Larry Dotson and David Doss, wives). I want to make it as easy as possible for someone to buy and send me the print. I do not want them trying to get off the ship and trying to fly home with a 16x20 unframed print. So a Florida resident within driving distance of Port Canaveral would be best. I may of two people interested, for $50 +shipping & handling, but nothing definite yet. Both of whom have cruises months away. Hopefully the print will appear on Ebay soon but even though the print is available for sale currently (and last 7 years) they are rare for re-sale. I do appreciate the help you have provided. Rayden
  7. Does anyone know if the Disney ships will mail your on-board purchases home for you? If so, price, size restriction, etc? I am interested in buy a Larry Dotson matted print 16x20 with the image being 9x13. I thought the parks would mail snow globes since so many people flying would have a tough time going through airport security. Easier to ship the print from the cruise than to carry it home. Thanks Rayden
  8. EARN $50 ON THIS CRUISE. Pick me up an item at the ship’s gift shop and be paid $50(+ shipping and handling) I am looking for someone to purchase an art print which Disney only sells on their cruise ships. The artist is Larry Dotson and the print is titled “Disney’s Castaway Cay” and retails on the ships for $50. The only size is a matted print 16x20 with the image being 9x13. I will pay you the purchase price plus an additional $50, plus shipping and handling of $15. We can determine the best way to exchange the print and the money. One way I thought that would protect both ofus is for you to list the print on Ebay once you return from your cruise. Email me once the print is listed on Ebay(either as a “bid” item or a “buy now” item) and I will immediately purchase the item for $100 (+ S/H of $15). I am open to other suggestions. I am guessing that the ship will even handle the packaging and shipping for you. If you are interested, I can send you a pic of what the print looks like. Once I find someone who is interested I will remove or edit this post so I do not have two people buy the print. Thank you for reading. Rayden Rmortis10@yahoo.com Vienna, VA PS. I sailed the Disney Wonder a few years ago. You are going to have an awesome time. Best cruise we have ever been on.
  9. Can anyone recommend a scuba diving tour operator to go diving with inSt. Lucia off of a cruise ship? I wanted to go with Scuba Steve but I am put off by the factthat they change 100% of the fee (NO refund) if your cruise ship arrives late(has happened to me) or misses the port of call (has happened to me). People write that Scuba Steve is "VERYSTRICT" on their no change policy. Seems very unfair to charge all of the divers off of thesame cruise ship for something that is out of their control. I read that SCUBA Steve's will meet you onthe dock but that does absolutely no good if the ship is late or does notarrive. So I want to book with someone else or VERY worst case scenario findanother activity for the three of us to do. Thanks Rayden