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  1. @AlohaLivin I would love if you could send me your tour as well šŸ™‚ sblackler17 @ gmail Thanks so much!!!!!
  2. Awesome thanks everyone! I think these will be worth the $5 as we are not YC! We tried the new ones with princess but they didn't hold the medallion well so we just used a Fitbit clip to carry the medallion instead which worked fine as well. It's nice to see that these look to be all one piece so no worry about losing the main piece of it! I'm not sure if I missed it...but can someone explain the "tracker" ones ??
  3. Hello! We are taking our first cruise with MSC on the Seaside in February. Iā€™m looking for some information on the wristbands. How much? What do they look like? How do they work?? Ive done a search but Iā€™m getting different photos and info and would love some first hand information. Thanks so much!
  4. We will be following your posts as we also board the Breakaway on March 17 when you leave the ship. We are coming in from Canada and will be arriving in NOLA on Wednesday prior to sailing. Looking forward to following along with your posts and seeing what we have in store for us šŸ™‚
  5. It stands for Non-Commissionable Cruise Fare; the port fees and such are completely separate. This is a set amount set by the cruise line that is rolled into the total base price of your cruise. The TA does not receive commission on this portion hence Non-Commisionable. Ie: if your fare was $1500 pp and the cruise line set that portion as $500, the agent would only get commission on the $1000. It's usually broken out on the TA's version of the invoice to determine the commission of that sale for their agency but the customer invoice should show the total base price that they paid.
  6. So what is available at Punta Langosta pier? Are there any shops/restaurants or do we need to get a cab, etc to get down to that area?? We wanted to check out some of the restaurants and go to Ron Jons! šŸ™‚
  7. Hi All, We are heading to Cozumel in March on the Breakaway and I'm hoping to confirm which pier is used by NCL. I've read that it is usually the International Pier however some have said they landed at the Punta Langosta pier which is right downtown and away from the main cruise port area with shops and restaurants. This will be our first time in Cozumel so we're not really sure how this works. If anyone can provide some insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks šŸ™‚
  8. Doesn't work for me either and hasn't since yesterday. I was still able to call and book over the phone though!
  9. Do they HAVE to purchase the pop package per kid? Maybe for the 10 year old but i don't imagine the 4 year old would need it. I'm sure the water/lemonade would be fine.
  10. I should also mention the kids ages are 4 and 10 during the cruise.
  11. Awesome. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know what the deal is for beverages? Are they limited to what's available in the Buffet/complimentary restaurants without buying a soda package, etc? What's included for them as booked without purchasing additional packages (for the additional children)?
  12. Does the Latitudes upgrade apply if you get the 250 mins as a free perk???
  13. Hi All, We just booked a cruise with some friends and they were able to take advantage of the 3rd and 4th Free in the Cabin. They also have the Specialty Dining (and all offers incl. Bev. Package, internet and shore ex) but on the reservation it only shows as 2 people (the parents). Are the children still included in this as well or do they need to pay for the children if they go to the restaurants with us? What other things should we keep in mind with the 3rd and 4th people in a cabin? What's included? What's not? This is their first cruise and our first cruise with Children so any information would be helpful!! Thanks so much!
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