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  1. Just a follow up I received my credit from Citi this morning just as they said it would be there. Amazingly and in true fashion of customer support this was achieved with no lies, deception or runarounds. Maybe MSC should take a page from this an learn about how customer service is suppose to work rather than breach their contracts, breach their terms of refund, and deflect and obstruct with less than helpful reps who cant keep their stories straight. For any MSC representative who may be monitoring this forum going forward you may consider sending courtesy emails giving follow up updates about status of claims also you should provide your customer service reps the tools they need to actually help the customer rather than mislead them or give them false hope. This is how these matters should be handled remember clear concise informative communication is of paramount importance in all aspect of customer service.
  2. Just an fyi I placed dispute with my Citi card they are going to handle it from here. I attempted like most here to get clear answers but got the run around with timeframes and when my refund would actually arrive. Citi card was very good about it no nonsense should have funds returned in 2 business days. Morale of the story is if you breach a contract then breach terms of refund then lie to me countless times you can't be trusted. I would suggest everyone go this route to apply pressure on them to pay up otherwise they will string you along.
  3. Do you recall the cost for the tour to Dunn river?
  4. I just paid my final payment yesterday I was told that its either or not both so I took the 10 percent
  5. Hello just doing my web check in an noticed that it says no food is allowed has anyone brought sealed snack packs onboard with them or have had them confiscated?
  6. Actually I just found out that the package they were advertising only includes 1 wifi plan for the room🤔which is a total of 2gb
  7. Thank you. That is good to hear hopefully there are some uber's around that time.
  8. I can't speak about the noise as I have not been on this ship yet. I will be sailing in April. But from my research I was able to find this photo online of room 8101 on the Meraviglia this can give you an idea of the Bella balcony in those areas I had 8100 booked I quickly changed that for a 9th floor fantastica no obstruction room when it popped up.Hope this helps.
  9. Does MSC have a Self debarkation process like other lines? I want to try to catch an early flight home once we port has anyone don't this and what tips can you offer? Itinerary states ship ports at 7am in Miami what is the earliest people have gotten off? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks again APDMOM for the images. So you had one plan correct? the deal they have now is free standard internet for everyone so will they pool 6gbs or will each of us have our own individual logins? any idea? I have a teen daughter who once she heard internet she perked up lol. On other cruises she went without so I don't want her burning through all of our data at one clip. Thanks again.
  11. sds

    New to MSC

    Research research research this was the hardest information to obtain from the customer service reps. So what I did was implement my own methodology first I used every search engine imaginable with my room number in it along with using Youtube for some visual cues. I took my deck plan counted out the rooms from a static point (e.g panoramic elevator) then used a side shot of the ship and counted from there. Once I had a general idea I began the search for room surrounding mine on you tube so that I could get a topographical view, this helped me isolate my location and prospective view. This wasn't easy but I was able to gleen a tremendous amount of information using this method. It ultimately helped me decide to move the first chance I could hence my wife and I both booked Fantastic balconies yesterday when they emerged on the site. I cancelled my bella and another fantastica last night both were gone in an hours time. As for knowing if all of the bella are obstructed I cant speak to that but from all of my research I would say a lot are hence they are bella from what I can gather. Hope this helps it did for me.
  12. Thank You APDMOM I actually read your review earlier today (great writeup) . So you were able to view camera no problem on standard that's good to know apparently that was above anyone's knowledge base at customer service they suggested premium. Just so I am clear you had to log off when not in use so how did you know that there was a notification? did you just turn it on periodically then it would come through?
  13. Ok I am going to jump on this bandwagon. I just had to cancel a few reservations and apply my discount I will say I sat on the phone waiting for someone to pickup for about 30 min but once they did they were able to handle everything on that call including cancelling 2 reservations ( my wife and I didn't talk this am we both found fantastica balconies this am so you guessed it we had 3 room lol) Luna was her name she was spot on with her information excellent customer service no canned responses to my questions and actually had a sense of humor. I know someone is going to flame this but this has been my experience the few times I had to call tonight included.
  14. Just booked the Meraviglia for April Currently they offer Standard internet as a perk my question is can I use this type of internet to look at security cameras at home and use my wifi calling through Verizon? Or do I need the upgraded internet to do this?
  15. sds

    New to MSC

    Thanks to everyone who responded you guys are the best!! Since I first posted I have upgraded from a Bella balcony ( with a life boat view Whew! Dodged that bullet) To finally finding a non obstructed view fantastica balcony on the 9th floor so I went from room 8100 to 9192 midship on the bump out ( yes I know it cost more but I couldn't deal with looking out to my balcony and seeing an orange boat). My cruise is booked solid for April 4th 2020 sailing so I consider myself lucky. There is a lot of information to go through on MSC. There is the YC crew who say cruise only this way along with the die hard cruise line loyalist that take shots at almost everything out there. The good thing is I have an open mind and have been on multiple ships recently including Carnival Vista, RCL Freedom of the seas, Anthem and the Harmony so I can appreciate the larger ships with crowds. Does anyone find that the service and the ship itself pales in comparison to the ships and lines I have named? Is the European methodology of cruising and service that much different? Its really all over the place when I try to get a read on it. I know most will say I have to experience it first hand, which I will but knowledge is king when going into the unknown. Any other insight would be greatly appreciated going forward.
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