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  1. We just returned from our cruise and I don't think they charged the VAT on anything. Shore excursions or drinks! Maybe a scare tactic to get you to pay in advance?? And someone questioned earlier that both people in the cabin had to buy the drink package. According to the person I talked to at Windstar, that is false. Also, we booked our drink package a few weeks prior to our cruise and it was $52 per person per day. Don't know why we got a discount (maybe it was the price at the time of our booking??) but glad we didn't have to pay $59 pppd.
  2. Just received an email regarding the beverage package... "As of April 22, 2018 various countries in the European Union have added a Value Added Tax which affects our Beverage Packages and all purchases on board. It is applicable for voyages that start and end and do not leave the European Union. Rates range between 20%-24% depending on the country. To avoid this additional European tax as a pro-traveler tip, we highly recommend that you purchase all your amenities, including wi-fi, laundry and the beverage package of your choice prior to your cruise. And we are pleased to be able to offer you a reduced price on Beverage Packages. Save $5 on your choice of Beverage Package and avoid the costly VAT on beverages purchased on board. " So if a drink costs $8.50 and you add 15% gratuity, does that mean you have to add an extra 20-24% also? That is an extra $2.00 per drink!! Has anyone encountered this?
  3. Thank You! We are sailing in late May. Hoping the waters are not too rocking and rolling. Maybe we should bring some extra Dramamine just in case.
  4. Thank you for responding. That makes sense. I am so excited for our first time on a Windstar cruise!!!
  5. So, I have been tracking Star Pride's Itinerary using cruisemapper.com from Barcelona to Rome for the April 20th sailing and noticed that some of the ports are different than what was presented. For example, instead of sailing to Sanary sur Mer, I believe they went to Marseille. And they docked in Nice for 2 days instead of Cannes and Monte Carlo. Is this typical? If so, how do you plan shore excursions outside of Windstar to coincide with the itinerary changes? Or, am I not understanding things correctly. Also, looking at the Star Prides itineraries, it seems there is a gap from April 28th to May 4th. I know they already went into dry dock recently, so could this be a private charter?
  6. I checked Oceania cruises and their drink packages range from 39.95 to 59.95 per person per day. So I think Windstar is comparable to other luxury cruise lines in their category.
  7. Do you remember what the draft beer price was? In a menu that Windstar sent me a few months ago it was $5.00 per glass. That seems reasonable. And individual non package drink prices were around $8.50 for non premium brands. Does that sound right, or have those gone up? Thanks for info!
  8. Looks like Star Pride is in dry dock in Cadiz
  9. Looks like Star Pride is now in dry dock in Cadiz.
  10. This is what Windstar just sent me. I also asked for the bar menu prices for individual drinks and bottles of wine, but haven't received those yet. 2019 Beverage Package Flyer_12.5.18.pdf
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I have emailed Windstar for an updated menu. I will pass it on if/when I get it.
  12. Grayboots


    So can you bring 2 bottles ONLY at embarkation? Or can you buy your two bottles in a port and that counts as your two bottles?
  13. We got upgraded around 3-4 months out too! Actually, it happened twice! We booked our cabin, and Windstar upgraded us to a balcony within a week of our booking. The price went down substantially, so we downgraded and took the credit. Then they upgraded us again a few weeks later!!! Thank You Windstar!!!!
  14. The terrorist attack in New Zealand and that sick person who wants to start a race war hasn't helped things. The President of Turkey is using this massacre as a political tool to incite his followers by showing the horrible video of the attack. I guess time will tell if things will escalate. I am sure Windstar is following the situation closely and will make the right decision based on circumstances at the time of the sailing.
  15. I DO like my wine also. We are a party of 4 (3 drinkers) and we can bring 4 bottles of wine onboard, so I am trying to factor this in to our consumption too. We would probably drink this in our suite while we are relaxing before dinner. This is our first time to these ports, so I am thinking we will make the most out of it. But I guess we have a few days to decide if the package makes sense for us.
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