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  1. I wouldn't even consider a B2B where you have to change rooms the 2nd week. I've always chosen my room on the cruise line's website (never did one with Viking) to make sure the room is available for both weeks, or else did it with an agent through a 'next cruise' booking during a cruise.
  2. Thanks JD...my thought as well. I suspect we'll be part of a non-public sailing, or else opened to us first. Will be interesting.
  3. The excitement does not concern the ship per se, but rather the invitation from Mr. Hagen to the Sky guests to be part of the Venus' maiden voyage.
  4. I'm doubtful...I also talked to an agent and did not get that impression at all. It may i need by considered the maiden voyage for the general public, but there are several non-public sailings for various groups of people that occur pre-season, one of which is likely to be the one intended for the 3/23 Sky guests, and so since the ship is going to be built in Venice, the impression I got is that the maiden voyage is very likely to be a Venice to Barcelona sailing, which would fit the pattern of previous 'maiden' voyages. The maiden voyage, if indeed reserved in some fashion for the Sky guests, would not be open to the public yet OR I truly believe we would have been informed already. I really don't think this sailing is the one.
  5. Good point....actually, I shouldn't have to do anything. If this is a special invitation, I'm sure all the Sky guests will get some sort of notification. But...I like your suggestion and will ask them. Thanks..
  6. Did not mean to hijack this thread...but...."What was that"...if you want more info on the trip, feel free to contact me off the board if you'd like. We really found it to be an amazing journey...up until the 16th. So sorry we couldn't complete it. Just looked again...had the dates wrong....I see they do a March 10...I'd go for that one if I were you. Might want to also check the moon phase schedule. Our sailing was during the approaching full moon, but it doesn't always make for a weaker northern lights showing. Actually, GLØD had told me that, depending on conditions, the full moon (or close) can actually enhance the experience. Still, no moon = darker skies. Hate to say this, but go with the realization that you may not see the lights and plan to enjoy the cruise anyway. Both Alta and Tromsø in particular have some amazing things to offer. The scenery sailing up or back is incredible. If you go out of Bergen, I'd highly recommend the pre-cruise extension in Oslo. Hotel was fantastic and Oslo has alot to offer.
  7. that's the easiest...though we've talked to people that moved to a different cabin for various reasons for the 2nd cruise. I wouldn't want to do that unless really needed to for some reason.
  8. I did this trip last year...and can tell you...the people that went in Jan / Feb had some REALLY cold temps above the arctic circle. Talking like -20 to 30 in the evenings. We did the last run of the season (3/16...now a secured entry in the list of potential maritime disasters) and were pleased that the temps were not nearly as bad as we prepared for. Dress in plenty of layers and you'll be fine.... If you go, definitely visit Polar Park...great experience although it's a good number of hours out in the cold. Again, in March it was a lovely late winter day - temp only around 20-30 or so.
  9. B2B...yes....you stay in the same room....at least that was my experience...never did one with Viking. It's so much fun, especially when you see all the somber faces of people packing and leaving after the first cruise, and yet you're just having a good time hanging out waiting to go again! Often you get off the ship for several hours while they get things ready for the new pax to embark. Only did 2 B2B but loved both. Some people do B2B2B2B.....etc. just keep cruisin' around 🙂
  10. Haworth....LOL.....funny story...when I told my brother about the helicopter experience, he more than once said to me afterwards that he's so jealous....he was a squad leader in Nam and was, like many, involved in transportation on chinooks, but never did one by being lifted up. Said he always thought it would've been cool....totally different perspective.
  11. Then again, are we (Sky guests) certain that the invitation we got for this maiden voyage definitely refers to a complimentary cruise? That is the impression I think we're all under....will chat with an agent about it and report back here. Symmes99...I tend to agree - would rather do the Venice to Barcelona, although since we never got to do the London extension - that would be nice as well. HERE's a thought....how about a B2B? The 1/26 (if it winds up being the maiden AND is complimentary) followed by yet another attempt at the NL cruise from London to Bergen? Wonder how many of us would do that?
  12. Can't help but wonder if the maiden voyage MIGHT be the first NL departure? Wouldn't it be interesting if something like that would be intentional being that the Sky guests, of course, missed part of the journey. Flip side of the coin....just how many of us would actually want to redo that trip again? I sort of think the idea might appeal to me...but could initiate a bit of PTSD for alot of folks as well. I can hear my friends and relatives now...."you are CRAZY for wanting to go up there again!" LOL.....
  13. OK...looks like you answered my question....so the invitations likely get priority. As you say, too early to say for sure. I've no doubt Sky guests will receive something from Viking about this as the details become finalized. Update: just checked the website...looks like the 1/26/21 sailing of the Venus is up and available for booking (?) listed as an Explorer's sale promotion. IF this thing is indeed ready to sell to the public, I'd think we would have been contacted by Viking, but who knows. Anyway, this is probably the 'maiden voyage'..... https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/cruise-destinations/multi-region/iberian-explorer/pricing.html#search/sfym=2021-1&sftcm=13-97677 Quite honestly, this itinerary does not appeal to me all that much. For whatever reason, Spain is just not very high on my list...but will probably do it if it works with our schedule. Interesting, too, is that if you look under the list of ships, it says the Venus is built in 2019 - so is it already completed? And if so, why wouldn't it be out on the water sooner than 2021?
  14. "Thanks to Pergrina" for posting what information? Is there a schedule already for the Venus maiden voyage? The above schedule is, presumably, the Northern Lights trip...so that will be on the Venus...most interesting. So...is the repositioning cruise likely to be the maiden voyage prior to the start of the NL run? Was hoping for a bit later in the year then winter. I wonder, too, how will this work relative to the invitation that was extended to Sky guests? Will the cruise open to us first before the general public? Potentially, the Sky could fill that ship. I read somewhere that it could even be done as a 'charter' for us, and then remaining available cabins open to the public. Probably will hear more by early 2020.
  15. It's a great trip...just wish we could've done the rest of it but...hey...the helicopter ride was likely far more exciting than the post-cruise extension in London would have been anyway (kidding of course:)
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