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  1. Particularly, if anyone has done either the pre or post extension that includes Bucharest and Transylvania. If done as pre-cruise, it seems that there is one night in Bucharest, then one night in Brasov, then back to Bucharest again for one night. That's ok, but alot of moving around. If done as a post extension, however, it looks like it might be the one night in Brasov first, then 2 consecutive nights in Bucharest. Not certain though since the descriptions aren't clear. I'll run this by a Viking rep but thought someone here might know. The itinerary on this trip looks really nice. We've never been east of Budapest so would like to see more than our AMS-BUD trip offered.
  2. Pat....good recommendation for the China trip. Which China itinerary are you referring to? I'm mostly interested in "Undiscovered China". Thanks for checking with your friend on the Explorer Suite noise issue.
  3. You know, you have a point there about airlines! It seems that those trash receptacles are hardly ever emptied during the flight. It's a bit disgusting when the things are overflowing onto the floor. I wash my hands, then wind up touching other peoples' discarded paper towels, etc. when getting rid of mine. Key is to always carry hand sanitizer on a plane. We always wipe down everything - seat belt, tray table, etc.
  4. Harbourside...if you go to the river cruising portion of the forum, there is quite a bit about this in the one thread I had started awhile ago ("undiscovered china". We're considering doing this trip within the next few years, and so I had also inquired about the visa. If you're only visiting for a few days, perhaps the policy is more relaxed than if you're there for an extended time.
  5. We were in the Cathedral during a visit to Paris seven years ago. Can't begin to imagine the devastating loss of so much that can never be replaced. And with it being Holy Week just adds to the sadness. 😞
  6. Heidi13...thanks. Most interesting! You're absolutely right...Viking did go way above and beyond for us.
  7. Dogs4fun and VistaRio...thanks so much for the replies! Very helpful...especially if I wind up booking the Emerald.
  8. OK then..you have emboldened me to make my presence known 🙂...actually doubt that I'd be able to refrain anyway. Can preface any comments by simply mentioning that I survived the Sky...'nuff said perhaps? Of course, often people never really sense a potential impending danger until it is actually thrust upon them, supposing that 'stuff like that' happens to other people but not possibly to them. Continually amazed by reports, for instance, of folks that fall off of cliffs in the National Parks while taking selfies or else getting gored by buffalo and such. Like there is some sort of natural tourist immunity to getting injured or worse. Truly, I blame the cruise staff for allowing any sort of inattention. I realize the passengers are the 'bread and butter' of the industry but I think people would have greater respect for them if they'd clamp down on these instances where people are talking during the drill. One time on RCCL we were lined up in rows out on the deck and the staff member our section had was like a drill sergeant! He really got on people and threatened to take away cell phones if he saw one more out and being used!! I loved it. Most continued to ignore however or showed obvious disapproval of how tough the guy was being.
  9. Hi jsea.....I checked again just now and it appears it hasn't posted yet. Got an email from CC shortly after I submitted it and it referred to receiving (another) email notification once it's listed. I'll post a link when it's up. Spent a decent amount of time on it so hope it didn't get 'lost in cyberspace'.
  10. Considering doing this trip to use the vouchers that we got from the 3/14 Sky sailing and so just reviewed this thread again.....have some time to think about it since the vouchers are good for the next 5 years. Still not thrilled about the potential unsanitary bathroom issues but I guess it'd all work out ok.
  11. Sad...but unfortunately I think you're right. This (inattentiveness) will surely NOT apply to anyone who was on the 3/14 Sky sailing however! Quite the opposite, I'll have to bite my tongue on future cruises if I see people goofing around, on their phones, etc. during a drill.
  12. Ummm..no..that must have been your other next-door neighbors 🙂 I know we often wound up talking briefly to you and your wife though in passing. Your room was just forward (to the right) of ours when facing the door. You might possibly recognize my wife from this video, which was associated with a newspaper article that featured our story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs6jTHFbebY And if not, the video is interesting anyway! Totally agree...Viking went WAY above and beyond. I'm in awe of everything they did for us. Sure hope that 2021 Venus cruise has a bit of a 'reunion' feel to it...hoping to make it depending when and where it sails.
  13. I had no idea how they handled those who were booked on that canceled cruise. Cannot fathom the amount of money that Viking has paid out in the wake of this crisis. I can't even imagine what might be paid out in medical bills, unless under maritime law they don't have to.
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