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  1. gretschwhtfalcon

    Antarctica Cruise Video

    Interesting results from your analysis, but I have no desire to do any editing on the Antarctica video. I did create a shorter segment (about 30 minutes I think) that basically features the penguin excursions we did.
  2. Peregrina...can onboard credit be used towards optional shore excursions?
  3. gretschwhtfalcon

    Anyone done the Northern Lights cruise?

    I usually just shoot on automatic focus, but there are several different settings. Have to experiment with it.
  4. gretschwhtfalcon

    Antarctica Cruise Video

    Thanks for the music info. One video deserves another! I know this is really long, but I tried to capture parts of the entire trip....
  5. gretschwhtfalcon

    Anyone done the Northern Lights cruise?

    As much as I'd like to get nice pictures of the lights, I'm not going to invest in a different camera. I'll get what I get with my Canon 'point and shoot'. Always been satisfied with my daytime photos. Evening, of course, is another issues. My video cam does a better job at night so might get more lucky with that then the still shots. If the tour company takes photos to give to guests (GLØD has indicated to me that this is the case for both their private and cruise tours), I'll certainly get some good ones that way.
  6. Peregrina...thanks for the additional info. I'm thinking we probably won't make it onboard before World Cafe closes but will certainly check to find out if one side might still be open. Still sort of disappointed that our flight out of Oslo isn't a bit earlier, but I can't see paying the additional "Air Plus" fees to try to change it. If things turn out that we like Viking a great deal, I'm sure we'll be booking more trips with them - would especially like to try one of their river trips. Regarding seating in the MDR, so Viking doesn't do anything similar to "my time dining" (?) which is what we've usually done on cruises - always reserving a time for just the two of us.
  7. Yes...does sound nice! Looking forward to this....
  8. Thanks so much for the replies. I just assumed that embarkation time varied by room category. Learning as I go here. I'll let it as is. The extra time in the morning at Oslo prior to having to leave for the airport will be nice anyway.
  9. gretschwhtfalcon

    Strategy for booking excursions

    Well, how will I know that until I try it? What attracted us to this cruise is the destination and itinerary moreso than what line it was going with. It's my fault for not paying attention to the part of the descriptions about how these excursions are handled. Would never have expected it. I still disagree...there must be better ways to offer perks to any one (higher) room category than in a manner which takes something away, in a sense, from a lower class. Definition of egalitarian includes...relating to or believing in the principle that all people deserve equal rights and opportunities. How is allowing some passengers the opportunity to book an excursion 30 days before others being egalitarian? Somehow it's just not the same as a perk for a suite guest (in another cruise line) that allows me to have breakfast in a specialty restaurant that is not available to non-suite guests. Somehow make the perks for the higher class rooms such that they offer things that are mutually exclusive, and in no way impact on those who are in lesser room categories. I guess I'm just locked in to the whole tiered benefits mentality that I've experienced in every other cruise I've done. It'll be interesting...I might like the way Viking does things much more once I've experienced it.
  10. Didn't expect this. Our embarkation time for DV2 is 11 a.m., and yet they assigned us a flight from Oslo (pre-cruise extension port) to Bergen (where the cruise begins) that doesn't arrive until 1:00. I'd hate to wind up missing lunch onboard. Flip side of the coin, I suppose, is the possibility of missing an included breakfast in the hotel prior to leaving Oslo if the flight would wind up being too early. I talked to air services and the guy said that it's possible that a few weeks from now the air itinerary could even change in such a way that we might be given an earlier flight or could change it with no extra cost (?) And yet before he said that he mentioned that to make any changes we'd need to upgrade to air plus at $100 pp. (?) Confusing....The ship does not leave Bergen until the following day so it's not like there is any concern about departure time, but I'm just a bit bummed that we won't be able to board when the rest of DV2 is eligible to do so. Worth changing the flight time or not? Any suggestions appreciated. I've never done any trips with Viking and so are not well versed in how they operate with regards to some of these issues.
  11. gretschwhtfalcon

    What's up with having different dates for when excursions can be booked

    Undoubtedly all true...but I'm always a bit more hesitant to go with excursions other than those offered by the ship. The less research I have to do in that regard...getting reviews of companies, etc....the better. I've done it and don't mind doing it, but I just feel more comfortable going with what the ship offers. I did use a local company, however, while we were in St. Petersburg - partly on the strength of the reviews and recommendations I got. Can't help but wonder though...and no offense intended whatsoever...but was one of the main objectives of your post to let me know that you're doing a cruise that has that many ports?? :) I wish you well...for my part, I would never even dream of doing a cruise of that length. Often looked at and contemplated these 6-month world cruises and such (which I suspect you're probably doing?), but I really believe I'd be ready to jump overboard less than halfway through. 2-3 weeks on any ship is more than enough for me. Now a car trip with just my wife and I might be a different story...still our all-time favorite way to travel! Thanks for your advice though...all points well taken and I appreciate your input.
  12. gretschwhtfalcon

    What's up with having different dates for when excursions can be booked

    Parsley....Iceland is not on the itinerary. This is a Norway cruise. BUT...Iceland is definitely on my list at some point!
  13. gretschwhtfalcon

    What's up with having different dates for when excursions can be booked

    I'm just thinking that for the cruise I'm doing...the northern lights....excursions might be a bit more important since many of the optional ones are so unique to the area.
  14. gretschwhtfalcon

    URGENT question

    Yeah, really....shouldn't be an issue.....
  15. gretschwhtfalcon

    Strategy for booking excursions

    "On our upcoming trip, several excursions we wanted were sold out before booking even opened for our category"....once again, as mentioned in the other thread I started...this is exactly what has me worried. Reading this thread doesn't do much to change my mind about this whole system being a bit ridiculous. I get the whole idea of Viking trying to be egalitarian in terms of what everyone is entitled to onboard, but....provide the room category perks in some other manner rather than penalizing those who are in V category when it comes to this excursion thing. Having to chase the clock and get on the Viking website at 3 a.m. when the shore excursions open for your room category? That's insane. Give me the preferential theatre seating and complimentary breakfast in a specialty restaurant instead before making people in these lower room categories fret over whether or not they'll get the optional excursions they want!!! Optional excursions should be available to everyone at the same time.