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  1. Actually the question should perhaps be " Who would even consider boarding a ship at any time in the future with this virus present"? I for one will probably never again set sail on a cruise ship. Too much risk of contracting a deadly disease.
  2. Exactly my point. Why tell the OP that a dark jacket and pants was not "formal" enough?
  3. Really? I was on the QV last July, in Queens Grill. Here we were with our gown and tux, and there was a man coming to dinner in black jeans and a bomber jacket. EVERY NIGHT IN QUEENS GRILL. Yes he was elderly, but nobody said anything. He was taken care of, shown to his table and served. The tone of the responses here is atrocious. Yes your husband will be just fine in a dark jacket and pants. What you will have to protect yourself from are the sanctimonious people who have decided that it is their Cunard and will abide nothing else but what they want. We saw many people out and about who were not dressed formally on formal nights. Dark suit, cocktail dress, long flowy pants etc. If you want to take a Cunard cruise, by all means do so. Pay no attention to those who will tell you that you must walk the plank if you do not dress the way they say.
  4. On QV in July we ordered all of the interesting offers. Duck al 'Orange, Rack of Lamb, Beef Wellington, Chateaubriand etc. On our last evening, we requested that the chef cook us a traditional Indian meal. He was brought up in India, so we thought it would be good. It was fabulous! He made two starters, samosas and an interesting ground meat kabob. For the main course he made shrimp curry and chicken curry accompanied by a wonderful fragrant rice. He even made a special desert. Indian ice cream! It was mango and served with clear noodles and a mango sauce. Everything was so good!
  5. I have asthma, and when I travel I always bring a course of antibiotics and prednisone just in case I get really sick. I have been seeing the same doctor for years, so he understands that I may need to self medicate on vacation. He makes sure I have plenty of what I may need, and reminds me to call him should I get badly ill. Perhaps doing this would allow you to travel easier.
  6. I just completed the Baltic Highlights cruise on QV in Queens Grill. There was one man who came to dinner in black jeans and a bomber jacket EVERY NIGHT. I think he was a repeat cruiser, but the standards were not maintained. Another man came on one night in jeans and a sports jacket. Nothing was said. My husband was a little miffed that he lugged and wore his tux on this cruise when some others didn't even bother to dress for dinner.
  7. I wonder why the drink packages are offered to Americans and not Europeans? I would imagine it would become a sore point to some. It can be looked at as one of those life things that we have no control over and just aren't fair. And thank you DarCrav for the compliment. Really appreciate it.
  8. I just returned from a Baltic cruise on QV in Queens Grill. We did tip at dinner, but, only to those who delivered exceptional service. We did not like our first table, so they completely re-arranged part of the dining room so we had a beautiful round table facing the windows. Tip for the Matre ' d. One of our Head Waiters went way above and beyond to assure we had a great dining experience every day. Tip for them. Our Wine Steward worked with us to keep our wine within the $12 limit of our drink package. We had some amazing wines because of him. Tip for him. We also left the auto gratuity in place. Yes, we are American, and I believe that excellent service demands some appreciation. I will continue to believe that, whether in Queens Grill or not.
  9. Thank you all for the thoughts. Leaving tomorrow for several days in Hamburg before the cruise. See you all when I get back!
  10. I am not the red dress lady! I have a blue one and a black one. I was only saying that I thought she should wear hers if she wished.
  11. I checked my policy. Nothing is pre-existing unless it occurred BEFORE I purchased the policy. I have cruised many times. I will be fine.
  12. Yes, I fell after I purchased the policy. This injury would fall within the policy guidelines, as I just checked the policy. It really is not pre-existing, because it did not exist before I bought the policy. It doesn't matter, however, as I am feeling much better after the cortisone shot. My knee is almost normal again, and I am looking forward to having a great time!
  13. Actually, the policy I have covers pre-existing conditions as long as I purchased it within 7 days of the deposit for the trip, which I did. I do not have to notify them about anything unless I am going to activate the policy. Because I followed the purchasing rules, I would be covered whether they know or not.
  14. Yes, I have a brace. It helps quite a bit. I don't really need a cane as I can still put full weight on the knee.
  15. Thanks! I have already resolved to be in some pain, but will not allow that to dampen my good time. I will just take it a little easy and relax a bit more. I may have to dance in sneakers, but that will be fun as well!
  16. Mmmm, never thought of that. Should I call or wait until we get there?
  17. Around 4 weeks ago, I fell coming out of a store. I hit my right knee, and my head. I felt fine, and went about my business. However, my knee continued to hurt, so Monday I went to an orthopedic surgeon who told me I have a hairline fracture in my kneecap. Of course, we are leaving this Saturday for our Baltic cruise on QV. After flying to Hamburg and staying 3 days, we board the ship on Tuesday 7/16. I had a shot of cortisone for the pain and a brace for the kneecap. My doctor told me to go ahead and enjoy the trip. After 4 weeks, the break has already begun to heal, and there is no reason for me not to go. I was just wondering if I can get away with limiting the amount of walking I do on the ship. Too much makes my leg stiff and painful. I don't want to get a wheelchair, because I don't really think I need one. We are in Queens Grill, on the back of the ship on Deck 5. I have some painkillers just in case. I guess if I didn't have bad luck, I would have no luck! LOL
  18. I too am disembarking in Kiel July 25th. We are staying in Hamburg three days before the cruise as well. We looked at Cunard's transfers, but found a private car transfer for 40 Euros less than their bus! Our flight doesn't leave until the 26th, and we have an airport hotel for the one night. We are thinking of perhaps taking the airport train into the city to see anything we missed on the first leg. PM me if you want the name of the transfer company.
  19. Hi Gareth! I love Cornwall. We spent two weeks there several years ago in a little town whose name I can't remember. Had a great time. See you on the 17th! Looking forward to it.
  20. Actually, my name is Anita. My husband is Roger and we are from NYC. We will see you guys in QG lounge at 7. All gussied up! We will be the couple in Black and White LOL
  21. Well then, come on over for a drink! All are welcome. Us New Yorkers, contrary to popular opinion, are really very friendly.
  22. Sure, what night are you thinking of? How about Wednesday the 17th before dinner? Perhaps 6:30 or 7:00 PM?
  23. Sounds good. See you in Queens Grill.
  24. Hey TV Dad, I am on the Hamburg to Kiel portion this July 13th. I am also looking forward to Peking Duck. I hope they have three of them on board! As for the Wagyu, I could probably do without that. I went to Japan last year, and the Kobe knocked my socks off.
  25. I recently purchased the luggage tag holders from this site. They arrived on Saturday, and I put them together with my tags for an upcoming QV cruise. Well, the tags do not fit into the holders. I purchased the ones recommended for Cunard. Anyone else have a problem with these tags? Thanks.
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