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  1. We were on the Jan 15th sailing. I do not remember any soot on deck 8. The shows were free, but they did cancel Donna Summer show first night due to "tech" issues. Go carts were fun ($15 charge), Indulge was awesome. I thought all the venues were too small. I am not willing to stand in line for an hour to get into Syd Norman's, only to find out the 60 seats are already taken. And it seemed every bar needed at least one more bartender.
  2. Didn't see it mention anywhere- we bring a couple rolls of our own TP. The cruise ships buy the cheapest they can get, very similar to 20 grit sandpaper. NOT Charman or Northern
  3. If RCL doesn't do ALL 3 ABC ports, I will be the guy having such a loud hissy fit they will probably make me walk the plank. GRRRRRR
  4. We are on the Oct 1st sailing. The DBP goes from $77.99 to $72.00 during the "Super Duper/Too Good To Be True/ WOW" BS sales. When are you going? Thanks all for info.
  5. For those that have recently been on Explorer- did the ship port at all 3 ABC ports? Some of the earlier cruises went to Grand Cayman instead of Bonaire and we booked 2 years ago (after cancellations, lift/shift, etc) to specifically go to the ABCs. Is the ship well staffed? Are the seapass cards chipped? Or can they still get a "punch" so you can wear them on a lanyard? Any issues with the card itself-ink smearing off, falling apart when wet? Last question- did the ship depart from Miami port terminal G? Thanks for any info. 🙂
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