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  1. I was thinking the same thing We are going February 2021 and wanted to buy a 3 or 5 night package
  2. We were there a few weeks ago We had made private plans and were told that if we left the port they would not let us back in Well we left, got a taxi, had a fantastic day at No Noch kay beach which we had booked Got a taxi back and walked right through the port gates Heard later at the bar that All the excursions booked from Celebrity were cancelled Too bad This was one of our favorite stops I feel for the local taxi drivers as the port is trying to scoop All the business
  3. We had the total opposite experience We booked with Dora last February What a great tour and lady Dora was our guide and she was fantastic! Yes the vendors are aggressive but be aggressive back My husband said stop and they did I highly recommend this tour We saw all the highlights One of our best tours yet
  4. More people have died in the USA from the flu this season then have even contracted the coronovirus Lets put things in perspective What you think is the right thing to do may not be what others think Personally I would not have a problem going The best way to combat any of these virus's is to WASH YOUR HANDS properly and often No company can keep you healthy
  5. I agree with the last post Best lunch we have ever had We also had all you can eat bought the one lunch and one dinner special for 50.00 per person Had dinner in Tuscan Great price and it was offered outside the oceanview cafe
  6. we were on this same cruise with you funny thing about getting sea sick never happened to me before either but I too had to take a gravol was fine but that was some crazy wind the first day
  7. We have a late flight (6:30) out of Ft Lauderdale in February This option looked good until we saw what time you have to leave Instead we used "dayuse hotels" We have a room at the Courtyard Marriott Ft Lauderdale Beach hotel from 10-4 Just a suggestion if your flight is later and you do not want to sit at airport
  8. Elite breakfast in the Tuscan Grill was great on our November sailing. Served plates with a lovely variety ,really good Bellini's and coffee's. Nice quiet atmosphere Great way to start the day ( we are 55 and 57 ) We take advantage of every perk Elite offers
  9. Just got off the Equinox on Nov 15th Second cruise that we are Elite We love the CC breakfast Good starter to the day Always use the laundry 90 min of internet is all we need just to check in to airline day before ( we want to be device free) We are not in Aqua Class so the one day in the Persian Garden is a treat Elite tea is treat is you have the time We try to use as many of the Elite perks as we can
  10. Thanks for the great ideas We are are the Equinox on the 9th of November ( counting the days) Will try all the suggestions Thanks again
  11. Any suggestions for new and interesting martini's? Think we have gone through the whole menu Thanks
  12. We started cruising Celebrity in our mid 40's Still with Celebrity and we are in our mid 50's I agree with changing your room so only other cabins are above you Hope you enjoy and Happy Anniversary!
  13. We were on the same cruise and yours sounds much different than ours. We found anytime dining to be great. Maybe with a large group fixed seating would work better. Our waiters were absolutely wonderful and efficient. We also went to the martini bar every evening for pre dinner cocktails Yes it was busy but we had no issue getting served. We loved our cruise ( this is our 20th cruise) and booked for another one on the reflection Remember, these experiences are very subjective and many facts need to be considered when writing a review
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