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  1. Yup, it was a bit ridiculous - they've since fixed the pricing on that. Nice that there was always a workaround though.
  2. I've never had a problem. A few years ago, on the Pearl, the Dark and Stormy that they had on their menu was above the $15 threshold, so I kept asking for a Moscow Mule with dark rum instead, and I never had a problem.
  3. https://www.qantas.com/us/en/manage-booking.html is the webpage for seat selection, including premium seats. Have a great cruise!!
  4. The Pearl is going to be extremely similar to the Gem. The Encore will be more akin to the Breakaway. Which did you prefer?
  5. Get another drink immediately. Problem solved. 😉
  6. TTBOMK, the ship pools operate as a flow-through when the ship is at sea (it keeps the water fresh and clean and reduces the need for chemicals). You can't really heat a flow-through pool. When I cruised Alaska, there were only two people (my DW being one of them) who were using the pools, but the hot tubs were excellent, and I'm glad I brought my swims.
  7. See, personally, I vastly prefer NCL's policy to these policies - why should I be limited to how many of my own bottles I want to bring with me? I suppose different strokes for different folks, but it's not like one way is objectively better than the other.
  8. I thought about playing on my last cruise (I enjoy poker and blackjack) but I took a look at the way their games are built (and the rake for poker) and yikes. Terrible terrible ROR.
  9. That's exactly how you do it. They have a card that you hang on the outside of your door with your order and delivery time. It works great as a wake-up call too. Nothing quite like getting woken up by somebody bringing you coffee and croissants. 😃
  10. Yup. 100% the best way to start a day. Get coffee, juice, pastries and fruit delivered, so you can munch on them while showering/getting ready, and then head down to the MDR for a proper breakfast with mimosas.
  11. this is going to be an absolute gamechanger for my partner. Are they the nespresso type, or just the standard hotel drip style?
  12. Exactly like that. For most of us, we'll have to use our hands. In the Haven, you can use the butler's hands instead. Flawless system.
  13. This is fantastic news. Now, getting away from packaged water entirely would be even better, but I'll take what I can get. 😃
  14. The flyer with wine list by the bottle... premium-plus-beverage-package.pdf
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