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  1. It is per visit. You can go to as many specialty restaurants per day as you like. I was just on the Indy and we went to playmakers during the day for desert, and then izumi for dinner, etc. On the royal description it even says Savor the savings with the Unlimited Dining Package! For one low price, you can enjoy multiple entrees and visit multiple specialty restaurants every night of your sailing. And as an added perk, this unlimited package also applies to lunch at specialty restaurants on sea days. two of us went on the cruise and we found it to be definitely a great deal. ( it brings things closer to the price of what the speciatly resteraunts used to be (in the $20 range). We liked it so much we have already purchased it for our upcoming cruises. But... just do the math, see how many times you might go and see if it is worth it for you..
  2. and now this: after I sent them the link... Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I'd like to confirm this with our ships to ensure we're all on the same page. I'll report this now and get it corrected. So I guess they are just going to remove text from the website now??
  3. And this just in from the Royal caribbean facebook messenger. This is why it's so frustrating dealing with them. every day different information. Hi, . Regardless of the ships, the Ultimate Dining Package includes Izumi. It's considered an a la carte venue and guests are given a $35 food credit each time they dine for the sushi, as hibachi is not included. -Paula
  4. Thank you. this is what I was hoping to see. At least something from their website that I can so. I appreciate it
  5. Yes, I do agree.... I have emailed both Dining and messaged on facebook just hoping to get something in writing. It's just so hard to determine the value of some of these packages when you dont know all of the restrictions. For the case of my 5 night sailing, the package was actually a great deal $118.00 pp including the grats for the dining (which makes the prices almost what chops used to be (in the 20's per person). so I figure even if I go a couple three times, I have got my moneys worth.
  6. HI, thats what I thought as well (although i cant find it on the RCCL description). But the email I quoted I received this morning from the concierge on the independence. Now.. that does not mean I cant show up a izumi in person and they will say something different from what the ship concierge says, ......
  7. HI, Yes, they do have it but here is part of my email from the concierge. "Kindly be advised that unlimited dining package is not include Habachi, it is apply for sushi only. You will be able to have $35 credit to enjoy A la carte Sushi, Rolls, Noodles so on."
  8. Good Morning, I read the review about the unlimited dining package experience on the harmony, which was very helpful. I am booked on the independence, and the email I received from the concierge stated that Izumi hibachi was not included, (only 35.00 credit for sushi/ala carte). This of course contradicts what I have read in other reviews. Of course there is no great verbiage from royal as it relates to what is or is not included, and it is no shock that different ships are doing different things. So my question is... Has anyone recently sailed on the Indy with the unlimited dining package, and what was your experience? thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, I understand that you and your husband have a, shall we say, difference of opinion. As a weekly traveler, I would not put myself in the situation that you have unfortunately ended up in. If I can make a slightly different suggestion. It looks like you are leaving from OKC. Is there a possibility of changing your flight to DFW? its about a 3 hour drive, but they have several non stops a day to Vancouver which could possibly eliminate many of your challenges? I am sure there are change fee's etc, that may make this a bad option for you, but... as a weekly business traveler, this is how my brain works.
  10. I flew into Barcelona last week and arrived at about 4pm (way past the time that any cruise passengers might arrive). point is.... it was not that busy at customs and it still took me almost an hour from the time I stepped off the plane by the time I cleared customs. (and that was with carry on baggage). The cruise ship port appeared to be about 20 minutes or so from the airport (I drove by it). When you booked your flight, you must have consciously made a decision to roll the dice. But if you are rethinking it now, my best advice would be to arrive the day before. or at the very least a flight that has you arriving at 8 am day of departure (which I still would not do)
  11. might be worth calling Royal. That sailing has not shown up on the website in a really long time. There is a 3 night on may 6th. but the may 9th one is not on the royal site. So it is either 100% sold out, or the ship has been chartered.
  12. One possibility. I believe in suite class on the oasis class ships, you can order room service from the MDR or coastal kitchen menu. It may be possibly for that night to have a nice dinner on your balcony and you can each get what you want? I apologize if I am remembering incorrectly. perhaps someone can jump in if I am mistaken.
  13. Thats very strange. I sail allure often both in crown lofts and in star class and have not had any communication issues. I know this is a silly question but are you sure that their emails are not somehow going to your spam or junk folder? I know I have had issues in the past where I have not received emails. Even had to create a gmail account just to email royal because their it dept could not figure out how to deal with mine. I know thats not of much comfort. But it is highly unusual. Did you just book in the last week?? or has it been booked for a long time?? wonder if you got someones room that was cancelled and through the wonders of IT the original reservation holder are getting your emails?
  14. You should have definitely heard from them by now. Why don't you try emailing the concierge AL_Concierge01@rccl.com and inquire with them....
  15. I travel weekly for work and this is my method as well. When I first get into my room. I do exactly as stated above. Then I just let them chill for a while in the bathroom. Typically by the next day they are unwrinkled and ready to go. I would also add.. Just the increase in humidity alone in the Caribbean seems to act as a bit of a natural steamer.
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