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  1. Do the Grand Suites have Havana access on the Panorama?
  2. My husband and I were looking for a last minute get away and an OS on the Enchantment of the Seas popped up that works for our schedule. Before I plunk down the full payment, any comments or anything I should know about either the boat or the ship? I have not cruises RC in 25 years since I cruised it with my parents in 1994. We typically like the Carnival Havana cabins that give you a private pool area. (Like Haven on NCL.) Is there anything like that for a suite on RC?
  3. Thanks for posting this. I am really disappointed. You are correct. It just looks like an oversized bath tub!
  4. EXACTLY my point. There are pools in EIGHT locations on the ship. There are spas in ONLY three. So some tiny pool in the Havana area seems hardly worth the premium.
  5. I added after I made the original post that I had not noticed the two spas on the Serenity. So that makes 6... although, the 2 in the watering hole look absolutely tiny. The plans do not label the beach pool as having a spa. I think it may be a splash pad for young children. There is also the waterworks area.
  6. A Havana Cabana on the 14 day Transatlantic Mardis Gras sailing is $900 more per person than a regular balcony if you look it up as of yesterday on Carnival's website. Considering this sailing has only 5 port stops (I think), there will be a lot of sea days.
  7. They aren't going to be selling many Havana cabins at the $900+ premium they are putting on them over a regular balcony if that's all they are offering! Especially not considering you don't even have a private balcony but instead a porch that looks out on to a public walkway. Frankly, I am going to be pissed if I paid in excess of $1800 for my husband and myself over a regular balcony for a private splash pool.
  8. Wait...I found two more on serenity deck. That's good, at least. They are separate from the pools in all instances except the Tides pool.
  9. This is a spin off of the Havana area post wherein there was discussion about the fact that there is no pool in the Havana area. I was looking at the plans and there is a pool, but no spa. There is no spa in the Loft 19 area either. Then, I noticed there only appeared to be 2 spas by the Tides pool and another two tiny ones on the side of the boat on the same floor as the Havana area by "The Watering Hole." This seems like a small number of spas for a really big ship. Do you think they will add more?
  10. So, I just looked it up and in BOTH the Havana area and the Loft 19 area, at least according to the plans, there IS a pool but no hot tub.
  11. I am also disappointed in the Havana Area on the MG. And I would gladly upgrade to a loft 19 or whatever it is called but they were booked and are still booked every time I checked. Only way to get one is to go out to 2021.
  12. You can still stay in a Havana cabin with kids if you put kids next door or across the hall. Maybe not on Mardis Gras (don't know), but you can on Panorama, Horizon and Vista if you get a Havana Cabin on deck 6, 7 or 8.
  13. This was our Vista Balcony. It went around the other side, too.
  14. I looked it up and with taxes and fees and port charges, our room cost was $2413 total (2 ppl) for inside Havana and $1813 for regular inside room (2 ppl) next door. So, there was more of a difference than I thought, but this is also on Panorama when it is pretty new so may be a premium for that. The newer ships in general are a little more, I think.
  15. The first pic is of a sea day...literally the busiest it ever got. Second and third pic is what it looked like when we were in Port. You can see why I got excited when other people actually showed up and I had someone to talk to.
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