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  1. I wrap mine up in soft clothes to pad them. I even put several pairs of socks on the bottle neck. 😂.
  2. You are only allowed 1 750 ml bottle of wine or sparkling wine or champagne per person per over 21 and it has to be in carry on. And if it is something unusual like some of the wine type products Aldi or Trader Joe's sells, make sure it says wine. With that said, I have never had my carry on checked. However, my checked luggage has been. It got confiscated and I had to stand in a looonnngggg, painful line at NCL over Diet Dr. Pepper. 😣 It was so annoying because I wasn't even trying to sneak anything on. And on my last carnival cruise, my brother made a similar same mistake and missed dinner the first night... again, over DDP in his checked luggage because he put both his and my Mom's in his checked luggage. I even reminded him he should carry it on and he forgot. So...make sure you carry your bottles and soda cans on.
  3. When I upgraded before, it was not via a Fly2Fun ticket. I have never flown Fly2Fun before. I got plenty of good advice on business tix in that thread--including the fact it is cheaper to book Bus Class in summer and coach not in summer, which I did not know--but no one commented on Carnival's Fly2Fun so that is why I am asking this here, on the Carnival board.
  4. I am flying in the day before so not worried about that. I have searched every website and airline that does direct Houston to London and even talked to a couple of TAs. Cheapest I can find it anywhere is about $1300 for 0 bags, no seat selection, etc. I "booked" Carnival's flexible far (can cancel up to 60 days out) for $850 per person. That's a $900 savings for two people going through Carnival. Now, conceivably, the others may get cheaper. If they do, I will cancel Carnival. Really, though, I want business. I just don't want to pay $7k+ for two business tickets. I have flown that same route before business for probably $4k for two bus.
  5. No, but I think the Grand Suites do. At least they do on the Vista.
  6. Is it possible to use points from a card to upgrade with the airline (or pay a fee to upgrade) to premium or business class? In trying to find this answer somewhere on the Carnival website, I came across a review that suggested that due to the type of airfare that carnival purchases through fly 2 fun, upgrading was not possible. However, it was unclear from the post whether it was not possible to upgrade at all or whether it was not possible to upgrade for a fee. There is almost always a fee even if you book directly with the airline so that part doesn't concern me. My concern is if I can't upgrade at all.
  7. I have sailed on the Vista twice out of Galveston. Here is what I do: On the first day of check in (literally at midnight eastern time which I think is 11 pm here), I log in and get my preferred check in time....whether that is late or early. Usually the first available window, if you are wanting to board early, it is either 11:30a.m. to noon OR 12:00-12:30. You don't even have to complete check in. Just start it and select your time. Then I arrive in that window. I have never had to wait when arriving during my window. Even on a full ship at Christmas with 4,954 passengers boarding. (The line was, however, long for those outside their window.) You can usually access your room by about 1:30 p.m. If you check your luggage, it will be delivered later that evening. If you don't, you just have to carry it around until you can access your room. However, bring your wine bottle and your sodas in your carry on or they will confiscate your luggage and you will have to go down to guest services to claim it. My brother learned this the hard way. Of course, you can always do a later check in time, too. We did the last check in time on the Vista back in October 2018 out of Galveston so my husband could see patients that morning and basically work half a day. On that one, there was literally NO ONE in either the on time or late/early lines. I think everyone was already on board. We were able to go straight to our room. We didn't even check our luggage that time. In fact, I don't recall even seeing porters there at that time since it was the last boarding window. Unfortunately, the Havana rooms (unless your room is one of the Havana Cabana Suites), don't get priority boarding even though they are more expensive. But we always LOVE the Havana area so it is well worth it. Quite frankly, though, if you get the first boarding time, you probably are boarding only 20-30 minutes after the priority folks anyway. There is parking immediately across the street from the port somewhere around $100-120 for the week. Very quick walk. There are cheaper places to park at that require a reservation, but we never plan that far ahead.
  8. Nice to meet you! Looking forward to sailing with you. Good to hear another person confirming that boarding won't be until the afternoon. As of right now, we are flying out on the evening of the 17th from IAH and arriving at Heathrow on the 18th late morning. That gives us over 24 hours to make it 100 miles...hopefully, we can manage that.
  9. I wanted to get a bit down the road before crashing for the night. I booked at Hever Castle, which is just a little south of the M25, as it appears to be more-or-less about halfway. (I wanted to book at Leeds Castle, but they are booked up already.) I wanted to see it anyway. Check in time is at 3 p.m. so with an 11:40 a.m. arrival, that will probably be about right. If we are early, we can take in the castle and gardens. I figured we could eat an early dinner, get a good night's rest and head out the next morning for Dover.
  10. Yeah, I thought of that, too. Last time we went to London on the overnight, we flew business and I STILL didn't sleep even with being able to lay flat. We landed in the a.m., rented a car and drove to Leicester and saw the R3 museum. Then we drove over to Bosworth Field where the Battle of Bosworth took place and saw that museum. Then we drove to Lincoln, where I had reserved a hotel. We finally crashed that night after basically being up for 2 days straight. Then we ended up sleeping through check out time the following day. Clearly, I did not account for not sleeping when I "planned" our trip and I remember commenting to my husband that next time I was giving us a day to recover.
  11. Thanks so much for this info. As of right now, we are arriving the day before and going to rent a car. Pick up at Heathrow, drop off in Dover. It is 48 pounds more to do the different pick up/drop off locations, but still cheaper than anything else and will enable us to be able to see some sights. My husband and I literally made a big circle from London, through the North and east of England and back to London two years ago so I feel ok about him driving. Now I just have to figure out plans for getting back to the airport.
  12. As of right now we are flying in the day before, but I could still change it due to the type of fare I got. There is a flight that arrives at 11:40 am on the day of the cruise that conceivably I could change it to. the advantage is it's one more day for my husband to work and it's one less day of childcare I have to worry about. The disadvantage is the stress of trying to get port quickly. If I keep the day before flight, my plan was to rent a car and stay overnight at a bed-and-breakfast at Leeds Castle. Check out is usually at 10 am so that's enough time to even take in another attraction like Dover Castle before the ship starts embarkation. Per Carnival email, they are saying embarkation will be 2 pm to 4 pm.
  13. Yes. If you miss the boat due to flight delay and you booked through F2Fun they will fly you to the next port at no cost. That's why I am befuddled they would cut it so close. They even have the air transfer from Heathrow airport to Dover. I did find out that boarding time per Carnival ends at 4 pm on this departure. Still...1 pm to 4 pm is cutting it really close to debark an international flight, get luggage in a huge airport, board the transfer and go 100 miles including through London. That would be way to close for my comfort. As of right now, we are flying in the day before, but I can change flight up to 60 days before due to the type of fare that I booked. Still, I was thinking of getting a car if we fly in the day before rather than doing the Carnival transfer and spending a night at the B and B at Leeds Castle.
  14. Mental note to self: Don't paw on my husband at night in the Havana hot tub when I think we are alone. People are watching. 😂
  15. I am trying to figure out how late I can embark my ship before the ship leaves for figuring out travel. No posted times yet for boarding and this is not a usual sailing (Norwegian Fjords from Dover, UK). The ship gets into port from a Transatlantic cruise at 5 a.m. and departs 5 p.m. So would it board until 3:30 pm? 4? I noticed the Dream (my next cruise) has a final boarding time of 2:30 and departs Galveston at 3:30. The Carnival Fly2Fun website says you can arrive at Heathrow as late as 1 pm but that seems like it would cut it really close because Dover is about 100 miles from Heathrow airport. In fact, another transportation company (not Carnival) leaves London at 8:30 a.m. and drops off at noon at Dover essentially allowing 3.5 hours for the commute. Having had a car before in London and the UK (husband drove), the 3 to 3.5 hour allocation to go 100 miles seems about right. But if it allows you to get to Heathrow as late as 1, that would put boarding as late as 4 or 4:30. And ship leaves at 5. 😳.
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