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  1. If your travel agent orders it from their site it is a 20% discount with no delivery charge.
  2. Steakhouse has several bottles of drinkable red wine. Plus 1\2 off first night makes a $90-$100 bottle very reasonable.
  3. Has anyone tried to order soft drinks for the cabin? I thought I saw it available, but now not showing. Anyone have luck?
  4. Any bar will make you one! They are lit on fire and sucked thru a straw, very potent and very good! Enjoy!
  5. Scheduled on a 14 day canal cruise, are they allowing you to bring more than the 2 12pk ?
  6. Can cruise cash be used on anything? Like gratuities or in the casino? I am sailing on my first Carnival cruise in a few months.
  7. We are booked in one on the Miracle and docs show priority.
  8. Sorry, don’t know about PVP, I always book with a TA.
  9. Have your TA order, you will save 20% and no delivery fee.
  10. Nevada Jen, Thank you for your great input! This woman is obsessed with the closet and drawers!
  11. Anyone stay in cabin 6260 and can give first hand knowledge?
  12. Hopefully they will also do hotel maintenance since it has been 5 years! Anyone know?
  13. I made reservation for first night before pre pay policy. Hope I dont have a problem. I do have a confirmation email but it does not show in planner
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