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  1. I'm not much of a drinker. So I ask them to go light on the wine. Similar to a wine tasting(without spitting it out LOL!) Two sips works for me. Otherwise it would fill me up. Some said avoid the bread rolls. Just do one & call it a day. The food, most especially in the "Le Bourgeoisie" was our fav.(Odyssey & Dom Perignon) are the other 2. We much preferred the Bourgeoisie over Odyssey. Haven't tried the "Dom", as I can't stand Champagne.
  2. True, but you're still expected to dress decently for dinner. Hence the "Country Club Casual" trademark.
  3. Pricewise Silversea is generally higher priced. Food quality, is said to be good, but the Riviera has some of the best food we've ever had on a ship. We're both in the food industry & my spouse is a CIA trained chef, so let's say I'm plenty spoiled when it comes to food. The entertainment is generally pretty low-key. I think the budget is reflected in the food quality. That's not saying the entertainment is awful, just not what you might find on other lines. I do find the pax to generally be older than Cunard/Celebrity/Princess. As was said, they are more worldly as a whole. We've seen enough pax who are not gay friendly, but this is more from the region that some pax come from. I'll leave it at that. The staff will take splendid care of you. & will endeavor to make your cruise as outstanding as possible. I do recommend doing the daily tea service. I think you'll enjoy it. The entertainment staff is quite approachable & we've seen them sitting with pax & chatting quite often. I tend to think this is mostly for suite pax, but we saw it with solo cruisers as well. Let me know the itinerary of the Riviera trip. We might be able to recommend some excursions. This sounds like it might be similar to our 2018 trip, which got us familiar with Oceania.
  4. Never been to the Bellagio buffet in Las Vegas? Or any of the big casinos? Buffets like Tavern on the square are pretty plain. We used to go to Sunday brunch at the Taj in Boston(hotel is now closed for remodel)It was about $85PP. High price for sure, but what you got was incredible. Same with Café Fleuri at the Langham Boston(closed for remodel, too) That & the views were grand. It's the old adage: You get what you pay for. The Royal class ships have in my opinion, the most varied buffet at sea. It gets crowded, but there is plenty of space to move around.
  5. Trust me..go to the concierge desk on the last night to see the D/B's removing the tips! A few are going over legit items such as mysterious charges, but most are there to cheat the staff. That's why the MDR is frequently a ghost town on the last night. Some Pax want to avoid tipping at all costs!
  6. Golden Corral is not a place we go to. Pretty substandard food overall. Then again what can you expect for the low price. Like, when was the last time you saw Filet Mignon at Micky D's? The Buffet on the Regal was like going to Las Vegas style buffets. An absolutely amazing selection!. Not everything was our choice, but the variety was second to none. Wish we had tried it more often. We'll be on the star in Jan. Since we're in Club Class, not so sure how often we'll do the buffet at night. Being a smaller ship, I doubt we'll see the selection like on the Royal class ships. I kind of get the idea you'll feel like you'll get pushed around at the buffet. Yes, there are some D/B who will cut you in line, just chew them out & move along.
  7. Guayabera should be fine. A nice pair of pants should be fine as well. If it's jeans, please make sure they're nice ones. No shorts/ball caps/flip flops at night. A light sport coat/vest/nice collared shirt/optional tie should suffice for formal. Tux is your choice. We only do those on Cunard. Check out Youtube videos of your ship to get an idea how pax dress.
  8. Not sure of your ship. The Regal 3 years ago had the most varied buffet we saw on ANY ship. The buffet on the Oceania Riviera had the same gourmet food as the GDR, but for variety the Regal was tops in choices.
  9. As to La Reserve, we always booked once on board. We'd go to La Reserves & make a booking for the dinner type that was offered. After seeing Mura's response, I think next time, I'll book online as well.
  10. Do you purchase wine at dinner? I don't really drink, so I usually get an "Arnold Palmer" My spouse will usually buy wine or a cocktail. Princess doesn't not have Sommeliers, so we need to know our wines, rather than having a wait person try to "steer" us to a ship recommended wine.
  11. We never did. It's part of your daily auto tip. Only if drinks were purchased did you sign anything.
  12. Not at all! You can't win YOUR arguments & we can't win OURS, either. At least let's keep the shorts & ball caps out of the MDR at night. This really isn't ASKING for much.
  13. Really? Why not? No, I have to admit I was pretty strong in my opinions, as have others in theirs.( I love a good battle!) I felt that at least on Cunard you ARE expected to follow the dresscodes, as that's part of their "shtick" & makes them stand out. On Princess, we'll do sport coats/vests/ties(or no ties) & mix & match. I will draw the line at ball caps/shorts/flip flops etc. at dinner(MDR). I mean at least slacks & a collared shirt for Smart Casual & the aforementioned(word of the day!)sport coat or nice shirt & tie or vest for formal. Tuxes are fine, but we won't wear them, except only on Cunard.
  14. I can't. Everybody'd say Hey, where's Batman? The Penguin escaped again.
  15. Just go to your Princess info. page & look under medical questions. The request for distilled water SHOULD be free. Also remember to request an extension cord. Princess may confiscate any that you bring aboard for safety concerns.
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