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  1. We will likely cancel our August trip but are booked with SW (lowest fare price). I understand SW will give you a credit for future use, but I think we would have to use it within 1 year, is that correct, or do you just have to book it within 1 year? We would like to use the credit for the same time frame (August) next year, is that possible, and is there a time limit we should cancel by. For example should we wait to cancel until first week of August so that we have until same time next year? Thanks
  2. Refund received today after TA calling MSC Monday and it being "escalated"...cancelled beginning of April for May 23 sailing.
  3. Another update from me..posted today was a small refund (compared to what Im owed), assuming it was tax or something, as we didnt pre purchase anything?? I also put a call into our TA to give them an update and they contacted MSC said MSC have "escalated" the request for refunding the balance.
  4. Update..Canadian who booked thru a US TA..cancelled April 2 for May 23rd sailing..got the deposit back last week which was from many months ago..still no full refund though, even though its been 2.5 months.
  5. With only 1 other port on the itinerary I am hoping to find out if they will replace the stop/and to what, or change it to only 1.
  6. Duh..I read that limelight was replaced! Thats great, thanks!
  7. Thanks! Is the limelight where they used to do comedy? Will there still be comedy if its a dance club now?
  8. I was reading that the Elation was heading for a dry dock this year, I assume that got postponed? Can anyone confirm?
  9. Maybe I misread and it wasnt August specific..was over the weekend when reading some posts on the Carnival boards and kept seeing $600obc specifically??
  10. Reading about $600OBC for August sailings, is this every itinerary? I dont see this when I look online..is it agent specific? Thanks!
  11. I would as well! I am just concerned about booking mid August (when I have booked vacation time) with Carnival in the event I have to cancel (ie borders closed as we are Canadian)..wish they would do a cruise with confidence policy type of thing like the other lines..as Im hesitant to spend on a cruise because I still have thousands from MSC waiting to be refunded..
  12. Does anyone have a clue when we would hear/if they would be adding a new port to sub GT in August?
  13. When would we know if/what GT would be replaced with if it was on an early August itinerary? I was looking at a sailing with just Amber Cove and Grand Turk as the only 2 stops..
  14. Thanks, I meant are they offering like a risk free cancellation policy, after pay in full time. For example, if the cruise is a go, but borders close (coming from Canada) etc. Im wondering if the cruise lines are offering more lenient policies at the moment.
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