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  1. you might check out The Hubbard Mansion Bed & Breakfast on St Charles Avenue right on the Trolley Line which is a different way to get to the Pier
  2. I'll keep Him in my Prayers along with Sheila E....I lived in Oakland during the heyday of Tower of Power which like many of the great Horn Bands of the 70's & 80's served as the training ground and launching pad for several of our era Solo Smooth Jazz Superstars that we enjoy on our charter cruises ..I remember when Warren Hill launched his first sailing in 2004 followed by Rick Braun's in 2005 , I became hooked with the combination of Cruising and Smooth Jazz which when blended with the great Motown & Stax music and a variety of Artists onboard for the week provided 7 days and nights of Full Immersion and the best value for one's dollar Blue Note at Sea is the perfect transitional conduit laboratory to merge fans of Straight Ahead & Smooth Jazz along with Lagniappe of doing it on a cruise ship which provides an alternative to the phasing out of traditional Brick & Mortar Jazz Clubs ironically Charter Music Promoters and Cruise Lines have identified which Class of Ships are most adaptable to full music charters which are generally older, smaller, fewer bells and whistles and very lucrative for all stakeholders so I am sure they are collaborating now to ensure that we will be CV 19 safe by January 2022
  3. got it, thanks, great line up ..maybe they will add Richard Elliot ...when this CV 19 comes under control would really like to travel to Memphis and visit the new Stax Museum of American Soul Music which would be a great late night All Star Jam Session Theme on the Charter ...Candy Dulfer would fit right in with Booker T & The MG's Rick Braun European River Cruise Jazz Get-A-Way has found the formula for opening the door for the format to be applied for US Waterways on a Riverboat and with the pending introduction of Viking River Cruises "Viking Mississippi " in the Fall of 2022 it could be a game changer in 2009 we took a River Cruise to the South of France on Peter Deilmann, and visited Brick and Mortar Jazz Clubs from Lyon to Paris and it was incredible I suspect one of the unintended results of CV 19 is Cruisers will start looking for alternatives to Mega Ship sailing in the Caribbean and Europe and start looking at River Cruising not only on the Mississippi River but also in your neck of the woods in the Pacific Northwest January 2022 is probably a good benchmark to resume cruising especially for full charter music cruises which is so intertwined with the closeness between our favorite artists and their most loyal fans so 17 months in the big picture of CV 19 is not a long time
  4. WWCruiser...which sailing are you booked on again so I can start planning for my former Neighbor birthday invitation. this month .....I pre ordered Boney James's Face Mask, T-Shirt CD combination for her and I can bundle an invitation in with them ...never asked a potential cabin mate out on a Smooth Jazz Cruise date 17 Months in advance before ( better check the fine print in the Cruise Insurance Policy under Cancel for Any Reason to make sure it covers if she gets married to someone else ...lol)...your DH is lucky he doesn't have to worry about finding a cabin mate- ...lol this weekend is a Virtual New Orleans Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Festival so I will be watching on my laptop on my screened in back patio and drinking Pusser Rum Painkillers which my friends and I would normally do in the French Quarter today to fill me "cruise itch ", next weekend I have decided to take a Sunday ride to the Houma Louisiana Ship Yards and take photos of the construction of the Viking Mississippi River Boat that is being built there set for sailing in August 2022 ...you might consider dropping a hint to your DH that you would like to take a River Cruise Music Charter from New Orleans to Memphis in 2023
  5. funny you should mention Boney James...received his email today stating you can purchase a Boney James Mask on his website in his store ..I'll check on Candy Dulfer's website to see if she is doing the same so you can order one for your DH for Christmas New Orleans Musicians and their friends are doing some amazing interline concerts to benefit Musician 's families directly impacted by CV 19 if you have not already done so, check out PBS Streaming "The Freedom Riders" Documentary for free and listen to the music of the Civil Rights Era ...all of our current favorite Smooth Jazz Artists would have fit right in with those times (think Boney James "Ride" walking across the Pettis Bridge the unique relationship between Smooth Jazz Artists that perform on the Full Charter Cruises and their most loyal Fan Base that attend year after year should be a case study on how everyone can all get along for an incredible week of fellowship ..in 2004 Prince performed at the Essence Festival and he showcased Candy Dulfer , which resulted in Candy picking up 50K new fans stay safe & Sheltering in Place and wear your Boney James Mask & Smooth Jazz Cruise Cap and T-Shirt when you go to the store
  6. we all Pray for a Vaccine for many reasons including for those of us that embraced full charter music cruises because of the importance of not having to social distance with our favorite music artists for a week of full immersion
  7. in light of what everyone has been thru , we all deserve B2B2B (if one can afford it, if not do it anyway ) in 2022 ..you might also consider seeking an independent Travel Insurance Policy outside of what the Charter Promoter has worked out with the cruise line Music is Therapy for many of us...the lack of live music performances (especially in New Orleans ) on top of everything else validates how important the full charter music cruises have become for us that enjoy them I subscribe to Pandora Music Service and have discovered some incredible young international Jazz Artists that I look forward seeing perform at future New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festivals VH One 'Unsung" has some great retro segments on artists of the Disco Cruise Era that you can catch on You Tube
  8. do it if you can..it will give you something to look forward to and longer time to pay for it
  9. good bet UDC will be rescheduled for 2022 also ..I think we will all needed the double shot of therapy (music and cruising ) by then New Orleans without live music is a special kind of Hell
  10. IMHO, the greatest live all around performer of all time...he could sing, dance, act, do impressions ,author, Civil Rights Activist , Broadway performer , movies , hung out with Frank and his Rat Pack His act would be perfect for an Artist in Residence for a 1 week Cruise great album cover, thanks for posting
  11. we all badly need to go on a cruise purely for therapy but I am thinking realistically it won't happen till next Fall 2021 for me so I have tempered my aspirations ..the 1st wave off brave souls will be more focus on CV 19 repercussions as opposed to just flat out enjoying the experience ..pretty certain the CDC will be doing extensive contact follow up post cruise feedback Health surveys , but by Fall of 2021 it will hopefully all calm down so we can return to what's really important which is...... People Watching with an enrich sense of mission and awareness of those fellow guest around each of us marching up the gang plank to the tune of "Too Close for Comfort" by Sammy Davis Jr
  12. of course Sammy Davis Jr sang "The Candy Man Can " , and I use the "Senior Moment' excuse all the time to forget that "evergreen" ...lol ( we seniors have to bond together at times like these ) you know we could start a new thread linking Cruise People Watching Behaviors to popular songs of all eras linked to Episodes of the Love Boat (TV Myth vs Reality ) there was a popular song "I'm A Girl Watcher, Watching Girls Go Bye, My O My " which could be very applicable (but not PC ) on the lido deck on a full day at sea when tempered to what one sees when watching Love Boat reruns as compared to today's mega ship come to think about it..with many of the threads on these boards speculating about Post CV 19 changes to Cruises, we might binge watch reruns on the Love Boat this weekend to look for suggestions you know it will take me the rest of the day to get I Got To Be Me out of my Shelter in Place memory tape...thanks
  13. Sammy Davis Jr is the one that is associated with " I Got To Be Me," probably after Frank Sinatra banished him from the Rat Pack shortly after he married May Britt I actually saw him perform it live at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) in August of 1969 for my 18th birthday
  14. I agree about New Orleans and people watching which is deep in tradition and strange customs and very enjoyable ..I would always suggest one hangs out with a local that can give you the backstory of why and what you are watching I would raise the stakes of the poker pot..back when I first started cruising in 1975 ,guests were assigned a specific table , I was always fascinated by fellow nosy table guests that were trying to go beyond the normal customary meet and greet and dig deeper to find out how we could afford to cruise and stay in a high end cabin, since to them we were not suppose to be in the same space as they ......when my "radar: went up after a few encounters , I would make up an incredible story with just a "tinge" of a thread of truth , that almost always resulted in finding when we arrived at our table the following evening , we had new table mates...thank God the Cruise lines did away with assigned tables for the entire cruise the 180 degree opposite of that experience was when we took a River Cruise to the South of France on a German River Cruise Line with only 8 Americans onboard..when our fellow guests found out we were from New Orleans we were welcome with open arms and virtually everyone wanted to practice their English with us and I was excited because I could practice my basic German that I had taken the time to learn prior to leaving for Europe on our Jazz Cruise charters, many Jazz Fans onboard are from all around the world so not only can we people watch , we can engage in dialogue using the common language of Jazz and learn so much ..we made friends from Jazz fans from South Africa and Japan that are die hard Louis Armstrong fans and lagniappe Country Music star Charlie Pride fans
  15. a 7 day cruise is much like a captivated sociological study in people watching and human behavior...it's very interesting to watch the difference between a "regular "cruise and a full charter private theme cruise..on a "regular" cruise of 3000 one can find 1500"backstories" on why they are sailing with you and starting in the passenger waiting area there is no common bond to cause interaction with each other unless you are wearing a common external link (i.e sports jersey from the same city, state or college )..i.e the fun of "people watching" is trying to guess or project a story line..the more unusual the observation, the better the story line on a full charter theme cruise , 3000 fellow passengers start of with a common bond ( theme ) for being onboard and there is a quick bonding process starting in the passenger waiting area and more than likely because of the high % of returning guests, there is less guessing in the people watching department and more towards gaining a yearly update what;s real interesting is being an American and in the distinct minority when cruising outside of North America on a Cruise Line where English is not the 1st language ..takes people watching to a whole new level and you might become the object of fellow cruisers watching you and not understanding the norms and culture
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