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    I find the experience of eating at Windjammer restaurants  and other buffets somewhat disgusting and only eat there reluctantly if there is absolutely no other choice.

    People pile their plates sky high and waste half of the food.  They drop food all over the place and make a mess.

    Children run wild touching and grabbing different things, and many adults do the same, using fingers instead of tongs.  Droplets are probably constantly falling onto food from sneezing, coughing, yelling, and just talking.

    Eating becomes a competition and a race instead of an experience to enjoy.


    Give me sit down breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant service every day!




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  2. Can't believe I just scrolled through all the responses in this thread! Life has become a bit mundane without our cruise vacations. I also like to read the forums where people complain about the stimulus checks (some folks even give out their bank account numbers online and ask for help getting the money deposited!!)


    Yes, I have a few leftover Reese's eggs (utterly creamy delicious) which helped to pass the time.


    No, I don't have my RC refund yet but have not even bothered to try to call.  No need to stress on a process beyond my immediate control when so many others are giving themselves high blood pressure.   Maybe when June arrives I will follow up.  


    I am in Philly, the definite Northeast, and we are getting snowflakes tomorrow!  Boo-hoo-- wish I were on a deck chair in the sun...

  3. It is very nice that you are giving kudos to your travel professional and you are pleased with his/her service.


    I know there are also travel advisors on these websites so it is good for them to see that customers are satisfied and willing to share their praises.


    I was a young agent in the early 80's when the travel world was completely different, and we had to write letters to Europe to book hotels!  We used to take day tours of the cruise ships whenever they were in nearby ports.


    By the way, the travel agent who trained me just turned  95 -- boy, does she have memories of travel changes.


    I have great respect for advisors but have not used one in decades as I save more time just doing everything myself (no back and forth discussions, etc.), and I am always pleased with the prices!


    However, I highly recommend knowledgeable travel agents for those that are not seasoned do-it-yourselfers or if time is a priority.

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  4. I never book a cruise line just to be loyal.

    My first choice is always itinerary.


    I have been on Celebrity (the old Chandris which I also cruised), Princess, Cunard, RC, Carnival (I remember when Carnival cruises was mainly for singles!), Holland America, NCL, American Hawaii (gone) and Dolphin (gone).  I find no significant differences in the cruise experience across all lines.  I prefer a bit more tradition and like dressing up for photo nights. However, I refuse to overpay for the cruise experience (e.g. Disney and others).  It is like buying a silver necklace that says Tiffany's for 100 times more than I would pay for the same necklace without the stamp in a market in Mexico.

    Right now I am on the RC forums because I was scheduled for a RC cruise early April (and I am still waiting for a refund!). RC is a nice family-friendly line with lots of activities and some decent itineraries.

    I refuse to do Costa since the captain tipped over the ship and I am leery about MSC as they both cater more to Europeans than Americans and may not offer all the same advantages.

  5. Covid-19 has transformed the lives of hundreds of millions. The Olympic athletes, world leaders, movie stars, manufacturers, the travel industry, and you and I have had our lives disrupted.  

    We know that our health and safety are paramount.

    Disappointments in life usually affect us emotionally.  We have the added anxiety of uncertainty for the future.

    No need to rush to plan another cruise--get your refund (someday!) and dream of another possible trip when life is more calm.

    Cruises have been around for centuries so you will surely have the opportunity to take one again.  Best wishes!

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    There are many people who suffer sea sickness on those gentle cruise ships that travel in very calm waters.


    Ocean liners are built to withstand weather that would make cruise ships shudder.


    The Atlantic can be a tough ocean to cross.


    Once I was on the QE2 and the captain outraced a hurricane--boy did those motors power up hard and fast!


    The QE2 was also hit by a rogue wave, almost 100 feet tall.  Rogue waves are called "ship sinkers."


    When I do transatlantic, I want a ship that will withstand most weather conditions, with a thick steel hull and a long bow.







  7. A completely unpredictable and frightening event.


    No matter how many waivers were signed, no one could ever see this coming.  The cruise line was dependent on local decision-making for this tour, and even the New Zealand natives were caught unaware.


    However, perhaps the lawsuits will generate some kind of funding which could cover severe injury treatments and make up for loss of family income.   


    My thoughts and prayers are with all the families who suffered in this tragedy.

  8. A good question, which led to an interesting discussion. 


    Full disclosure-- I was a TA back in the 80's, when TWA and Pan Am still flew the skies!


    First, not all travel agents are the same!  Some are cruise specialists, work with high volume, and may have special relationships with the cruise lines that allow for better pricing. 

    Some may have been on many, many cruises and try to match the cruise line to the customer.

    Others are more like consolidators that just sell and handle the simple logistics. They may want to upsell to increase their commission and not look for the best price.


    I, personally, have not used an agent for more than a decade, as I found they became younger and younger with less knowledge...Would I recommend their use for those unexperienced with travel planning or those that require a lot of logistical detail?  MOST DEFINITELY!   

    But nowadays with online booking, they are not doing anything more complex or time-consuming than we do.


    I do hope we can defeat this virus soon and are back to sailing the seas again. In the meantime, I am not making any arrangements too far in advance and thus holding onto all money until the last possible minute!

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  9. There is no hurry to book your special family cruise.  You have plenty of time to wait and see what happens in the world. Don't tie up your money unnecessarily.   I think flexibility is going to be the most important factor in deciding upon a future vacation. 

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  10. I got all dressed up to use my photo package on the Virtual of the Seas but no matter where I looked I could not find those fake background scenery screens!  I am ready to pose but they must have changed the times!

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