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  1. Great! Another poster said that a Canadians coming back from EU will have to quarantine for 2 weeks. But this may be hard to enforce. Anyways, thanks for the info. Again, great time to travel to the EU if you want to put up with extra health protocols that will be in place during and after travel.
  2. Sounds good. Makes me feel better. Thanks.
  3. Less people travelling to the EU. Make any sense?
  4. Blackduck59, just between us fellow Canadians, I was hoping that Canada would join the US on the EU ban to protect us from Canadians returning back from the EU. At the same time I can't blame Canadians from wanting to take advantage of Americans not being allowed to travel to the EU.
  5. The CDC or CLIA may not have any authority but the cruise port may ban any ships that do not comply with either of these two bodies. Never know. Too early to tell. I guess it will come down to how desperate the port and the cruise line are.
  6. I have been to Venice many times, spent my honeymoon there. Times have changed. St. Mark's square has become a zoo when cruise ships are in. I love cruising, but many of the ports in that part of the world, have become a nightmare for tourism and the people that live there. I just feel that Venice it a port that is finally taking a realistic assessment of how damaging "over tourism" can be. Dubrovnik, which is a beautiful city that we visited this year, is pushing back. I think that this trend will continue. My wife and I are struggling to find ports that have not already been overrun by tourism for cruising destinations. "White running shoes" are limiting are choices!
  7. Are you put off by the Venetian demonstrations against cruises ships. Planning a November cruise from there but don't want to be part of a problem. Tourism in Europe is becoming a real problem as rich retirees hit the high seas in search of a carefree holiday. Have cruise ships and the people they bring to ports become a problem?
  8. A dirty martini is not worthy of a premium beverage package! Premium beverage packages are for people that enjoy a premium single malt whiskey.
  9. Shorts in the MDR is not a thing!
  10. No problem. I bought a sword in Istanbul. They simply take it off you and keep it until you disembark.
  11. They should have most of the "kinks" figured out by this time. Won't worry. As long as you have plumbing in your stateroom and a beverage package - what more do you want?
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