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  1. What port in Jamaica? Cozumel would require a taxi and Grand Cayman a taxi or public bus.
  2. I always call and they email me a new confirmation with new price before we are off the phone.
  3. I'm referring to the "port of call change prior to departure". Seems like people are getting notified of the chages before their sailing date.
  4. Nationwide luxury cruise from insuremytrip.com
  5. That really stinks. I know that they can change ports etc but how can you charge for the ABC's and then do that. I would be seriously considering cancelling if it didn't cost me too much and pick a different sailing. If mine changes I'm so close that I'll suck it up. I'm finally about to try Havana and we have insurance that will pay $500 pp for port of call change. That will ease my pain.
  6. So I checked the Curacao schedule. Every Southern Caribbean route in 2020 on Horizon has at least 2 of the ABC's as a stop. If they took Bonaire away they added 2 other stops. When doing that they switched Curacao to the 2nd stop (previously Bonaire). But according to the Curacao schedule online the 9/5 and 11/14 sailings are no where to be found.
  7. Click more options under the early saver sale price and you will see all your options. Read the disclaimer under learn more for each to see cancellation info etc
  8. My husband had the burgers and really liked them.
  9. I have sluthed online with an outdated Bonaire port schedule and found the following to be true for 2020: every time the Horizon is docked alone in Bonaire the itinerary has not changed. Everytime (except 12/30 stop) 2 ships are listed Horizon changed it's itinerary. So I'm guessing one dock is closed in Bonaire.
  10. Did they offer you anything for the change? That's a total downgrade from a southern Caribbean cruise. I'm supposed to be doing ABC's in May and I'm worried now. I'm too close to cancel if it happens to me.
  11. I'm surprised they let kids under 12 hang out on the cabanas. They are basically open to the neighbors. If that's the case they may as well let any age kids stay in that room, but not access the pool area.
  12. What if they actually check and wife can't use Havana. I'd kill my husband if that happened to me. Also, I would imagine if a 6 year old was on the patio and your neighbors get annoyed they will complain. If you can't book a 6 year old in that cabin why would they let you bring you kid there to hang out.
  13. I'd be calling and trying to switch your wife in with you and sucking up the cheers cost. Her cards will show she's not allowed in Havana.
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