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  1. I was also wait-listed for my March 1st Edge cruise, but sent an email to the link posted above. We had 8:30, and I requested select. I also added that if select was not available, then we would prefer 6:00 in the Cosmopolitan MDR. A few hours later my reservation said Open Dining instead of 8:30/waitlist. Edited to add that I did a mock booking to price check yesterday and select dining was available to choose. It was not available when I booked last week, only 8:30 was.
  2. We bring our own. Maybe they are sanitized well by the tour operator, and maybe they are not. Definitely not going to take a chance.
  3. Thanks for sharing! We are on for the first time in March and looking forward to it!!!
  4. We take Select Dining always. We show up anywhere between 5:30 and 7:30 and never have to wait, for 2 or 4 people. We always get the same wait staff. Usually for 2 it takes an hour and 1/2, and for 4 a bit longer.
  5. Copied from the 'chat' with the reservations agent from Celebrity. And then when I asked my TA, she said the new charge did not apply to this sale. E4 Infinite Veranda room, 10 % obstructed. Also, is there the new extra charge on the drink package I have read about? Steven You actually get a total of $500 of on board credit and there is no extra charge on the beverage package.
  6. I asked a Celebrity agent, and then I asked my TA before I finalized everything. Both said the extra charge did not apply. I received all the paperwork and price is exactly what we had discussed.
  7. If you upgraded with the Veterans Day sale the extra charge does not apply.
  8. Wasn't even thinking of the ships elevators. We usually board right at 11 and never really noticed full elevators.
  9. There are 2 escalators in the new terminal 25. Traffic moves very quickly...no need to use an elevator. Would be very easy to roll a suitcase on the ship. After all, we roll them off.
  10. It was raining and the seas were pretty wavy. We were dressed and ready for our excursion when they announced that we would be waiting to see if it cleared up. Shortly after, they announced that the weather was going to get worse through out the day, and we left. They did credit our taxes/fees back to our OBC account, as well as the excursion I had booked. I was hoping they would make a stop somewhere else, but we just got another sea day. This was October 6th. Last September when we were there it was as smooth as glass.
  11. My mom and I travel very well together. Last month we did 10 nights on the Equinox with my sister and her boyfriend, both of whom never cruised before. We set the perimeters up front, that we would all do our own thing and meet for dinner, or not. I had booked 2 golf carts in Bonaire as a surprise for them, so we stuck together that day. And in Aruba we went to the beach together in the morning, but separated after we got back to the ship. It worked out great for us, and we ended up eating together in the MDR probably 7 nights out of 10. Key West and Curacao we went our separate ways, and unfortunately our stop in Grand Cayman was cancelled so we missed out on the stingray excursion I had booked for us. We had the partition taken out of our balcony, which also worked out great.
  12. Enjoying your review so far. Love the pictures.
  13. I have been on the Equinox 3 times and loved it. Was going to book again, but found The Edge Infinity Veranda Deck 6, 10% obstruction for $1100 each, includes the 4 perks and the extra $100 OBC per person. I could not pass it up, and can judge the veranda for myself now. So excited for March now! Deck 6 on both ships have obstructed views for most cabins. How much of an obstruction depends on the room #. I think rooms on the hump are unobstructed for deck 6. We like mid ship, close to the elevators. One February we had very rough seas for almost 3 days, it was terrible in the theater, so I don't think I would like to be up front, just in case. Either ship you pick will be great. Let us know. Also in pricing hotels for Feb/Mar they are mostly 250+, if that sways your decision any.
  14. For my birthday on the Equinox last month they brought out a piece of chocolate cake with ganache. So delicious! And they sang.
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