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  1. The cost to upgrade is $27 per night, but if you do it before you board, you don’t have to pay an extra 15% that you would onboard.
  2. Grey Goose, frozen drinks and mojitos are all available with the Premium package.
  3. If I prepay my drink package before sailing, there is no 15% gratuity charged. Does that mean unless I tip for each drink, the bartender gets nothing at all?
  4. It is possible to get your own table. When you board the ship, see the maître d’ and request a table for your family.
  5. IF your TA is able to book a cabin for more than 2 people, there is no guarantee MSC won’t move you if they need it for a larger party. When booking online, you only get the option to book a cabin for the correct number of people in your party. MSC reserves the right to change your cabin if needed.
  6. Another bonus of booking with a TA is they usually give extra perks when you book.
  7. Premium drink package is anything $12 US and under, including bottled water, soft drinks, and specialty coffees NOT from Vencchi.
  8. Is that only for Diamond? I heard they charge for occasion cakes.
  9. I read somewhere they are crew housing.
  10. Don’t they scan your card when you get off?
  11. That seems like a great price! Here, it is $27 pppd to upgrade.
  12. We wouldn’t be adding anything not included in the drink, just removing...
  13. I can only guess that in the eyes of MSC, when we order a Nojito and a shot of rum, it’s equivalent to ordering 2 separate drinks, something they allow. Now here’s a different take on it... can I order a Long Island Ice Tea without vodka, rum, gin and cola and create a Margarita by omission?
  14. Vodka and cranberry is no problem. For the mojito, order the non-alcoholic version ( nojito) and ask for a shot of rum on the side. Some bartenders will mix it together for you.
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