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  1. I can only guess that in the eyes of MSC, when we order a Nojito and a shot of rum, it’s equivalent to ordering 2 separate drinks, something they allow. Now here’s a different take on it... can I order a Long Island Ice Tea without vodka, rum, gin and cola and create a Margarita by omission?
  2. Vodka and cranberry is no problem. For the mojito, order the non-alcoholic version ( nojito) and ask for a shot of rum on the side. Some bartenders will mix it together for you.
  3. I have read starboard side faces the island.
  4. Thank you both for your help.
  5. You will get you exact dining time and restaurant printed on your key card when you check in for the cruise. If you are unhappy, go to the dining room and speak to the maitre d. If there is space available, your time can be changed. Also, if you wish to dine with others you are traveling with, you can request that as well.
  6. First, did you do Status Match with MSC? Your NCL status will give you perks on MSC.
  7. Correct, I forgot that pesky detail. Sorry 😐
  8. If it is before final payment, you may be able to call and rebook. On the cruise I chose, I believe it was about $450 more per person for Aurea. Another possibility is getting an offer to bid for an upgrade prior to sailing.
  9. Nothing coming up in search and looked back through October. Thanks
  10. Has anyone taken an e-bike tour that they would recommend? I am looking for a way to experience Cozumel other than snorkeling or a day at the beach. Thanks
  11. http://m.msccruises.com.au/en-au/Mobile/MSC/Login-Instructions.aspx Try here?
  12. In your web browser, try typing “MSC Australia “. It should give you the option to connect to the proper website for your country.
  13. No clue about the fan, but if the snacks are commercially packaged and unopened, they will allow you to bring them.
  14. Did you originally go through Canada or UK site? Try those and maybe one will work.
  15. I did Status Match and waited until I got my Voyager number. I can now apply for the discounts for the cruise I am going to book.I can now apply for the discounts for the cruise I am going to book.
  16. Sealed, prepackaged snacks and candy are permitted.
  17. I completed my status match online Saturday and received my confirmation email today.
  18. Thanks Até. Best overall deal I’ve found is only for online booking, so I don’t think I can combine discounts. Time to do some serious math. 😕
  19. I’m still in the research and planning stage for my first cruise with MSC and have a few questions about Voyager Club benefits. I’ve applied for status match and should qualify for Classic. When do I join Voyager Club? Can I receive the 5% discount on the cruise I am booking? If that cruise is also aVoyages Selection Discounted Cruise, can that be applied to my current booking? Do I need to book through MSC to receive the special discounts? Thanks for helping out a newbie!
  20. Can I make a margarita by having the bartender not add the rum, gin and cola to a Long Island Ice Tea?
  21. Is there a way to get coconut rum with the Easy Package?
  22. Drop it off at the pier then go explore. Check in when you are ready to embark.
  23. Unless you get exceptional service from a certain crew member or want to ensure great service from a bartender, extra tips are not necessary.
  24. I’ve only even on three NCL cruises and have never been asked if I wanted to sit with others. My DH and I have just always been given a table for two.
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