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  1. I keep getting the “Were having technical difficulties” message when I try to get log in screen. Did it last night and today. I will need to see how to remove cookies on iPad and try that
  2. It is not shown for us. But I was able to find some early email ( I lost some email due to switching email, moving etc) that shows it was included. Now I can call, I wanted something in writing so I could challenge if they said not included! For 15 nights this makes a big difference, especially since this is retirement cruise with no more pay checks coming in!
  3. I booked my March 2020 Panama cruise on July 2, 2018. I think I booked it that early as it was part of the free beverage promotions package. But how do I check online? The only email I have references the web page with confirmation but no details. Is there a way I can confirm online?
  4. Thank you to everyone! This is feedback I needed! I have the $ now and will be retired by then. Also paying now will make me eligible to have my husband fly free all of next year. That is way better then any interest I would get.
  5. If I went ahead and paid off my cruise early, say 9 months and then I had to cancel 4 months ahead, would I get my money back? I know many would say why would you do that? But have my reasons so just asking to see if anyone has done this. Thx
  6. We had one of these on I believe Aloha deck. There was a door between but it was locked, not sure if they could open it. The area in between was also not available it was more of a janitor closet. But balcony was decent size and we booked it again next year Sent from my iPad using Forums
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