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  1. I did not do a charge back, and mine showed up today, with post date of 5/15. I did option 2 and the 100% FCC showed up on 5/15. My cruise was 3/15 on the Emerald Panama Canal Cruise. The interesting note is that I originally had option 1 and just changed to option 2 by calling them on 5/8. At that time she did warn me that, that would push me down the list, but it obviously didn’t. I canceled on 3/10 so original items were credited to cc on 3/20..
  2. I also received my FCC on 5/15 and today my credit appeared on my credit card also dated 5/15. My cruise was 3/15 Panama Canal cruise. So appeared 2 month to the day. Still missing 200 for the FCD’s but hoping that will catch up. We received the port fees and excursions refund on 3/20. We canceled on 3/10 so those fees I believe were processed before the 3/12 cancellation. But this is good news hopefully for those of you still waiting.
  3. You may know this, but make sure you have filled out the form to get the additional FCC, it will not come automatically.
  4. So my question is also for the Emerald. Did anyone from the Grand join Emerald in San Pedro for the cruise that ended in SF on 2/21? Could see doing a week in Ca then heading south, either crew or passengers. We are due to get on Emerald on 3/15
  5. I keep getting the “Were having technical difficulties” message when I try to get log in screen. Did it last night and today. I will need to see how to remove cookies on iPad and try that
  6. It is not shown for us. But I was able to find some early email ( I lost some email due to switching email, moving etc) that shows it was included. Now I can call, I wanted something in writing so I could challenge if they said not included! For 15 nights this makes a big difference, especially since this is retirement cruise with no more pay checks coming in!
  7. I booked my March 2020 Panama cruise on July 2, 2018. I think I booked it that early as it was part of the free beverage promotions package. But how do I check online? The only email I have references the web page with confirmation but no details. Is there a way I can confirm online?
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