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  1. In our last three cruises we have only had fore and aft suites or a large balcony. On our next cruise it will be large balcony on the Encore. I like to have room for a lounger and as far as I know only suites and large balconies have this.
  2. Fresh lobster is readily available in any major city in the USA. I have had it a few times here in Kansas City. Once at a high end Chinese restaurant and a couple of times at Red Lobster. I don't need inferior frozen lobster on a cruise ship.
  3. Would say the steak I ate 6 months ago on the Breakaway at Cagney's was like ones I have eaten at Texas Roadhouse. Not terrible but not top of the line either.
  4. We had great interactions with all staff members we encountered on the Breakaway in December.
  5. Whatever happened to the days when dining in the specialty restaurants was just an upcharge, like a flat $15 to $30 depending on the venue. Now ship specialty dining is more expensive than land based restaurants of similar quality. The only reason I eat at these places at all is because of the free offers.
  6. Has anyone cruised with this company in the Hebrides. Would like to get some info about what the cruise was like. I am thinking of booking a 6 day cruise with them.
  7. Being 69 years old, our possibly last ocean cruise will be on the encore in April 2021. We have already decided no more cruisenext certificates. Our all-time favorite NCL ship is the Spirit followed by the Dawn. We have enjoyed the Breakaway and Escape as well but prefer a smaller ship without all the over the top stuff. We are not giving up cruising, just changing directions. We are planning a cruise around the Hebrides in a boat with 13 passengers and a crew of 3 and after that a Danube river cruise. It should be quite a change.
  8. I was wondering also. I don't think it would be an NCL cruise.
  9. You have a solid sloped barrier in front that blocks the wind a bit.
  10. When I cruise I don't want to eat fast food. I can get all I want right here Kansas City. Paying an up charge for CFA on a ship seems weird.
  11. A little windy but we loved it on the Dawn. Would book it again. It was huge.
  12. On a previous cruise my passport was expiring a couple of days after returning and my wifes about a week later. There was no problem on cruise and presented passports at Orlando airport for flight home. The six month thing, I believe, is for some foreign nationals but cannot remember details.
  13. I never go to the casino on any cruise and find plenty to do day or night.
  14. It is amazing that the original post of this thread was less than three days ago and NCL has reversed itself this quickly.
  15. Think the reason for no casino is the same as why they have to have a mostly American crew. They don"t leave state and have no foreign stops so must obey state and federal laws
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