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  1. I've also just got confirmation of being booked on to one of the 14 night repositioning cruises next year. The total price will end up being £1300 for central sea terrace with $1450 sailor loot and $700 bar tab, think I've got a decent result in the end lol.

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  2. 25 minutes ago, jon81uk said:

    Yep we are looking at that Barcelona to Athens, it’s a great price and has

    a nice itinerary. Weather might be a little cooler in October but still pleasant.


    The Portsmouth to Barcelona itinerary is adding on £161k of taxes so I think they’ve inputting something wrong. The voyage fare before taxes isn’t so bad.

    Corrected now lol

  3. 1 minute ago, Freelancer3 said:

    I am looking on my cancellation email for Brilliant Lady and I dont see the 2025 schedule on it or the where the links take me. Do I have to complete and submit the rebooking form to see the schedule?



    It's on the offer request form, select desired voyage drop down. Sorted by ship departures in to 2025.

  4. What worries me is what does the below mean? "When new dates announced" surely they would just offer the rebooking options from today?


    Guests with bookings that have been cancelled will receive generous offers along with exclusive rebooking perks and on-board credit once the new date is announced.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Lustate said:


    Sadly these things happen on anything as complex as building a ship. but at least (for now) i feel secure that VV will look after us where they can. 

    I'm also disappointed and think the same however I hoped they might have learnt a lesson following the Resilient Lady cancellations and delays.

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Jumping Cruiser said:

    VV have just launched a new offer on the UK site, which has mentions of a ship being deployed from Portsmouth, UK in Summer 2024. We must be very close to the itinerary release now.



    Certainly before 28th September you would think!

  7. They're often listed on the official pages of the ports so imagine this is where they're from. 


    Looks very much to me like there will be:

    - 4 night cruises involving Amsterdam and Zeebrugge

    - 12 night cruises from Amsterdam to Lerwick, Iceland, then back via the Norwegian fjords

    - Possible cruise between Lisbon and Amsterdam stopping at Porto and some other places.

  8. 2 hours ago, Jumping Cruiser said:

    There are also calls for Scarlet Lady in 2024, which I imagine will be placeholders and eventually get changed to Brilliant Lady.

    Saw scarlet lady listed for 2024 in Haifa Israel but wonder if that's place holding for Brilliant Lady 

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