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  1. I've also just got confirmation of being booked on to one of the 14 night repositioning cruises next year. The total price will end up being £1300 for central sea terrace with $1450 sailor loot and $700 bar tab, think I've got a decent result in the end lol.
  2. Itineraries now live and bookable online. Was interested in the long trip from UK to Spain but is £163,000 a cabin at the moment so will pass for now 🤣🤣 Spain to Greece on October 11 is a bargain I think.
  3. It's on the offer request form, select desired voyage drop down. Sorted by ship departures in to 2025.
  4. Just noticed from the brilliant Lady rebooking form the full schedule in to 2025 is now visible if you go to 'select your desired voyage '
  5. What worries me is what does the below mean? "When new dates announced" surely they would just offer the rebooking options from today? Guests with bookings that have been cancelled will receive generous offers along with exclusive rebooking perks and on-board credit once the new date is announced.
  6. I'm also disappointed and think the same however I hoped they might have learnt a lesson following the Resilient Lady cancellations and delays.
  7. Always wondered about 10374 A & Z sea view cabins. They look massive on the deck plan, be interested to know if that's the case?
  8. Oh ok if you've paid $300 deposit you should get another $300 off yes
  9. You pay $300 deposit, get $300 off the voyage and $600 loot so the discounted fare sounds correct to me.
  10. Definitely 😂 we've got it worked out nearly I think
  11. Portsmouth to Amsterdam and Zeebrugge maybe..
  12. Certainly before 28th September you would think!
  13. New offer seems to be live up until 28 September, fingers crossed some updates on itineraries some time soon!
  14. They're often listed on the official pages of the ports so imagine this is where they're from. Looks very much to me like there will be: - 4 night cruises involving Amsterdam and Zeebrugge - 12 night cruises from Amsterdam to Lerwick, Iceland, then back via the Norwegian fjords - Possible cruise between Lisbon and Amsterdam stopping at Porto and some other places.
  15. Hi we've visited with Virgin and it was docked, was another 2 ships docked as well at the same time.
  16. Saw scarlet lady listed for 2024 in Haifa Israel but wonder if that's place holding for Brilliant Lady
  17. If virgin has these slots booked in at Zeebrugge and Amsterdam it could be plausible that they sail the transatlantic close to as planned and then sail from Lisbon to Amsterdam. The longer it's left the more the speculation will build!
  18. Don't a lot of ships dock at IJmuiden for Amsterdam anyway? As far as I understood it the recommendation was for the closure of the city centre cruise terminal which is literally right in the centre and some ships can't get to that anyway.
  19. Makes even more sense can compile their itineraries before they announce them at this rate!
  20. Well spotted! Very interesting it looks like it's regularly in port from then onwards also. Looks like it's doing some Northern European itineraries if that's correct.
  21. I would take a voyage of similar length mainly worried about losing the sailor loot I have accumulated already of $850!
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