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  1. Anyone going? I’ve never been. I have three entries and am wondering if it’s worth it...
  2. I usually get $1000 casino cash and free balcony room. I haven’t changed how I gamble, but the offers have sure dried up. My offers are free interior with no cash or an occasional $500 cash. Probably going to move to another cruise line in search of better offers.
  3. I prefer the fun chips or cash over perks, but I’m already platinum. Elite is nice with a free excursion, free drinks anywhere, social internet, parking or airport transport, and free room service. It’s easily $500 plus in savings. Premier isn’t worth it. Ultra might be if you win a big prize, not the Apple Watch...
  4. Some of the carnival ships now have triple zeros...
  5. Deal. I gamble. I see people do stupid plays with the fun chips, like bet 1/2 on black and red on roulette. Why?
  6. To me, fun play is the same as cash. It’s treated as cash. When I win at the tables they give me my winnings in regular chips and trade the fun chips for regular chips. Not as in most land based casinos which will only give me the winnings and take the promotional chips.
  7. Sometimes, depending upon the ship, they give out cash or fun play. I received $1000 cash for cruising and another $800 for the iPhone I didn’t want.
  8. I have to wait until the 8th too.
  9. Premier and ultra cruises are crowded. If you want to be around less people in the casino take an elite cruise or regular cruise.
  10. Cove balconies are the best!
  11. Some ships have the fun play chips, some give cash. As far as I can tell, it’s by ship. I only play table games.
  12. I just got off another ultra cruise today. They still have the apple gifts, but now offer cash instead of the gift if you want. For example they were giving $300 cash for the watch, $500 for the iPad, $800 for the iPhone 10xs, $1000 for the Mac book pro, $600 for the surface pro, etc.
  13. My wife had the dice for nearly three hours and rolled all the numbers twice except the two on Her first roll. The second roll, after everyone passed their turn, she hit all the numbers except one. After dinner she came back and on that third roll, she hit all the numbers, but two. I didn’t keep track of how many numbers she rolled. Was anyone on that cruise? If so, can you tell me how many times she rolled on that first roll? I’m thinking about 50-60 numbers, but not sure. Thanks in advance
  14. I get the best offers through email. Lately the offers I’ve been receiving in the cabin on the last night of the cruise are a joke. For example, I was down about $30k in blackjack in one day on my last ultra cruise. That will give you an idea of how much I’m betting. The bounce back offer was $100 interior room and $100 credit. I showed my wife the card and tossed it in the trash. On the other hand, my email offers are $1000 casino cash and free balcony. I get these emailed to me at least twice per month. I have 8 premier/elite cruises planned this year, six of those in the next three months. I went on 2 elites, 2 ultras, and 6 premier cruises last year. i think you’re correct about the bounce back offers being better with less gamblers onboard. I’ve gotten the best bounce back offers when the casino is empty. Plus, with less gamblers I can always count on more comps during the cruise. On the ultra, elite, and premier cruises it’s like pulling teeth to get comped something.
  15. Gold decks of cards, gold pins, and water bottles.
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