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  1. If the quarantined on the ship wore n95 masks properly, it’s likely the transmission and spread would have been reduced. Like I said, I doubt they were given n95 masks. Even if they were, there’s more involved than simply putting on the mask. They would need to be instructed in proper use and follow the instructions.
  2. I doubt they were handing out n95 masks. First because of cost. Second, I doubt there was any crew qualified to properly fit them to the cruisers. Third, none of those cruising would likely wear the n95 mask as it would need to be worn.
  3. Hand sanitizer does work against Coronavirus. Washing hands is likely better, but I’m not getting out of my chair to wash my hands.
  4. N95 Mask and hand sanitizer. Stay away from anyone who coughes, sneezes, or looks sick.
  5. Not sure if breeze gives cash, some carnival ships still give out cash. If you want cash, get chips. Then go to the craps table. On a come out roll, put 50% on the pass line, 50% on don’t pass, and amount to cover one of the bets on midnight. For $1000 free play chips, $500 on pass line $500 don’t pass and $20 on midnight. You'll likely make $980 cash if the 12 isn’t rolled. If 12 is rolled you’ll make $600, but lose the pass line bet, the don’t pass bet pushes. Then make a $250 pass and don’t pass with a $10 midnight bet. If you’re unsure, try smaller bets. Maybe $30 pass and don’t pass and $1 midnight to cover a 12. 2&3 win don’t pass and lose pass and midnight bet. 7&11 win pass line on come out roll. 7 wins don’t pass line on other than come out roll. 12 loses pass line on come out. 12 pushes don’t pass on come out. I may have missed something, but this is a great way to convert free play to cash.
  6. I’ve been on over 25 premier, ultra, and elite carnival cruises over the last two years. If you are one of the guests under those promotions the casino will allow you to charge up to $7500 per day on your sign and sail card. The casino fees of 3% are waived. It will not show as a cash advance because it is charged to sign and sail, same as any purchase you make on board. The charge will post to your card a business day or two after debarked. You can rack up some serious airline miles or cash back on longer cruises...
  7. Anyone going? I’ve never been. I have three entries and am wondering if it’s worth it...
  8. I usually get $1000 casino cash and free balcony room. I haven’t changed how I gamble, but the offers have sure dried up. My offers are free interior with no cash or an occasional $500 cash. Probably going to move to another cruise line in search of better offers.
  9. I prefer the fun chips or cash over perks, but I’m already platinum. Elite is nice with a free excursion, free drinks anywhere, social internet, parking or airport transport, and free room service. It’s easily $500 plus in savings. Premier isn’t worth it. Ultra might be if you win a big prize, not the Apple Watch...
  10. Some of the carnival ships now have triple zeros...
  11. Deal. I gamble. I see people do stupid plays with the fun chips, like bet 1/2 on black and red on roulette. Why?
  12. To me, fun play is the same as cash. It’s treated as cash. When I win at the tables they give me my winnings in regular chips and trade the fun chips for regular chips. Not as in most land based casinos which will only give me the winnings and take the promotional chips.
  13. Sometimes, depending upon the ship, they give out cash or fun play. I received $1000 cash for cruising and another $800 for the iPhone I didn’t want.
  14. I have to wait until the 8th too.
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