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  1. TSA pre-check is not always guaranteed to the subscriber. TSA has the right to do this for random screenings. A few years ago, at our local airport the pre-check line had to go thru regular screening for a long time because, they said, the machine was broken, and we all had to remove our shoes for the regular line. 🙄 No guarantees. Mobile passport is not available at all airports. One has to look for the signs on the wall, which are sometimes small. Current list: Mobile passport Global Entry is not available at all U.S. international airports. CBP has a list on their website of airports that participate. Participating GE airports. YMMV
  2. I'm really confused. Maybe because I'm not as travel savvy as all of you, but this website Travel.state.gov says for the Dominican Republic: "TOURIST VISA REQUIRED: Not required for visits shorter than 30 days" So, what's up with that??? We've been looking at a winter cruise and I'm not going to pay for a visa to stop at Amber Cove for a day. ETA --- CIBT's own website says one is not necessary .Link to CIBT site
  3. We did the Panama Canal cruise earlier this year on the Zuiderdam and i did not have to show a passport in Costa Rica. However, in today's world, the rules change often.
  4. Sharing a table with strangers is one of the serendipitous delights of travel, whether cruising or land based. It's just a meal, not a lifelong commitment.
  5. Thank you Petunia1950 for the explanation. Roz and Miss *G* - the rudeness of some people is appalling, isn't it?!?! It's like their good manners took a vacation, too.
  6. Is that because there is no Pinnacle Grill on these new ships? Or do NS cabins have to pay for Club Orange on those ships to eat there? I'm still trying to figure out the CO thing. Thnx.
  7. We have a Newk's here, and we have eaten there many times. I've never seen a hand washing station but then I don't even know where the restrooms are. A hand washing station would be better placed up front, near the entrance where orders are placed, and where customers can see it, IMHO.
  8. sevenseasnomad - please post here, after your cruise, if you thought it was worth it. Thnx.
  9. We were on the Zuiderdam several months ago when there was a minor noro outbreak, not even enough sick people that it showed up on the cdc.gov website. As someone previously mentioned, HAL had their Lido employees serving the bread rolls as well as the cold beverages (tea, water, lemonade, which are usually self serve), etc. Our server in the MDR told me they wipe down the menus after each use. HAL did everything possible to contain it and we were impressed.
  10. Thank you for your lovely and very informative review! We are cruising almost the same itinerary in HAL next year. Your opinions and input have been most helpful. And Beaver Tails are now on my bucket list. LOL
  11. I am hypoglycemic, and always need a late evening snack before bedtime. We always do first seating dinner in MDR. The late night Lido has always had some nice small plates with protein, which I truly appreciate.
  12. Thank you, all, for your responses. Whenever we take our next cruise, we will try the TV bow camera channel.
  13. Is there a way to hear the messages on the PA system when in our cabin? We always have to step out into the hall, from our room.
  14. Sometimes they are not sick. My husband's blood pressure medication was changed last month and a side effect was a very croupy-sounding cough. It was awful. If I did not know better, I would not want to be within ten feet. That medication got changed again and the cough is now gone.
  15. ITA about the cell phones. I had to use a cane on our last cruise -- hip replacement surgery was scheduled a few weeks after the cruise. Our boat had a noro outbreak. We stayed healthy but I washed the handle of that cane with soap and water regularly and removed the cell phone case and washed it regularly. I often wonder about how nasty the steering wheels of our cars must be and always use hand sanitizer after pumping gas.
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