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  1. jwcruise1

    Carnival Gift cards available on AARP

    Apparently so. I'm not seeing them either
  2. Yes it is, but it sure beats the alternative!!
  3. jwcruise1

    Carnival Gift cards available on AARP

    Surely I'm not the only one that can buy these? If so I will be glad to get them for you for a nominal fee. πŸ˜„Really not trying to be snarky or anything, I just don't understand why I can get them and others can't
  4. jwcruise1

    Carnival Gift cards available on AARP

    On PC hover over gift cards and click on the e-gift option and the carnival cards will show up. Or if you click on travel cards and scroll down past the first carnival cards the next ones will say e-gift available. If you don't see it at first keep scrolling down till you do.
  5. jwcruise1

    Carnival Gift cards available on AARP

    I don't know where they actually come from, I just know I bought one $100 e-card on the 11th and they are still showing up about 2 minutes ago
  6. jwcruise1

    Carnival Gift cards available on AARP

    Carnival didn't do away with the e-cards, only AARP. They are still available through Allstate Drivewise
  7. Ok, people describe different things as "choking" so was OP not breathing, face turning blue kind of choking or was she coughing her lungs out kind of choking? Because if she were coughing that means she was breathing and waiter wasn't supposed to do anything.
  8. jwcruise1

    Best prices 1 month away

    When I booked inside cabin for this coming April (July 2018) the gty was higher than the cabin I picked. Since then I have gotten an upsell to an oceanview for $30 total and the inside is now ~$300 more excluding prepaid grats than I paid including prepaid grats.I believe I got lucky booking when I did. BTW doing a mock booking the inside I had originally picked is the only inside left. Just thought it was an interesting side note.
  9. jwcruise1

    Aarp gift cards!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry it didn't work for you, I just bought 2 a couple weeks ago for final payment on our April 4 cruise. I can't wait! It is getting harder and harder to get any work done πŸ˜„
  10. jwcruise1

    Aarp gift cards!!!!!!!!!!

    Hover cursor over gift cards and there is a link to e-gift cards, click on that the $100 carnival is the one that comes up as featured on mine but you can scroll down and find the $500
  11. jwcruise1

    Aarp gift cards!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes allstate rewards has the ecards in $100 and $500. I just checked
  12. jwcruise1

    Do you find cruise cabins noisy at night?

    Yep not much foot traffic in the front off the ship! Sorry, just had to.
  13. jwcruise1

    Help with Hub App

    Mine looks like amyj23's and I am running ios. Have you updated the app recently? If not, maybe that is it.