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  1. I'd say he needs to propose, and you need to get the cruise booked! I wouldn't be so afraid of getting married on a cruise ship. I think it's like anything in life. You ask 100 people the same question you're going to get 400 different answers. You just got to do what's best for you all!! Best of luck, and let us know how it turns out! :)
  2. Yikes!! :o:o:o I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience. We have had nothing but a GREAT experience with them. I'm sure they can handle a wedding no problem. I mean, they wouldn't really still be in business if they couldn't. Hoping your experience improves for you!!!
  3. Hey everyone!! I'm a bit new to the site, and to cruising! We just booked our first cruise together on-board Allure Of The Seas! Departing June 23rd 2019!! I'm so super excited for this! I've been dying to get on board an Oasis class ship since Oasis Of The Seas first came out!! They are just so massive, it's amazing!! Not only am I excited for the cruise... Because... Well... Cruise!!! I'm also excited because on the second day of the cruise my partner and I will be getting married!! :eek: :eek: :eek:Having never been on a cruise, (and having never been married) ... We are both BEYOND excited for this!!! :D:D Thought I'd pop in hear and start a G&L Roll Call to hopefully get connected with a few of you all and get to know anyone a little better that might be on the cruise as us!! New friends are always a great thing!! Especially when you have a large venue to fill! :') ~Matt
  4. Hey Cruisers, So I've got to say that I am THRILLED to announce that my partner and I are finally getting to "tie the knot!" (Ugh, I so hate that phrase.) But anyway, I have NEVER been on a cruise, and I've never been married... So all of this is a bit new to me! I've started this thread in hopes of getting guidance or advice from others who have had similar experiences with on-board weddings. Maybe the same ship/same venue!? But this is not only for me to get advice, but for a place others can refer back to in the future for wedding advice that might be specific to Allure Of The Seas! We are currently booked in Dazzles for a June 2019 wedding, the second day of the cruise! (Sea Day!) However, the venue is MASSIVE!!! Like 75-100 people massive... And, its well... Just 5 of us going. So my first question is... Will that not make the ceremony seem a bit awkward?? Like this massive empty room for just a few people?! Has anyone here ever had, or know of someone who has had a smaller ceremony on-board?? How did it turn out? I'm just going to start with that one question for now and as we progress through the planning I'll ask more questions as they come up! Thanks in advance for everyone's help! ~ Matt
  5. I'm pretty sure we will be getting married on the same cruise!! (The dates and itinerary seem to match up!) We were going to do embarkation day on Allure in June of 2019, but they told us it was already booked. So instead we are doing the second day of the cruise! (Sea Day) In Dazzles!!! SO EXCITED!! Can't wait to follow along as you plan yours! (I might even get a few ideas!) ;p Congrats on the big day!! ~Matt (Yes, I know I'm not a bride... But still!)
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