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  1. We are all about the water slides, pools, and refreshing drinks! If the DJ has some music pumping too, even better... then of course there has to be a nap before dinner and evening activities.
  2. Hi Babynan! She may bring her hair devices 🙂 Some people say they may not always have luck with their dryer working that they brought on board, so she may have to use the room one if that is the case. However, curling iron/straightener is absolutely fine. (And FYI: "flat iron" is another name for straightener... not the thing you iron clothes with... that's just an iron and those are forbidden. 😉 )
  3. “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories.”
  4. When we went onParadise last year. They played movies in the aft lounge but we never managed to make them. Always something more fun for us going on. But they were playing some.
  5. I can’t speak to the other allergies, but we are a gluten free (celiac) family and I’ll tell you Carnival has gone way above and beyond to accommodate us. At dinner each night they will show you the following night’s menu so you can make safe choices and they can prepare safe food without having to wait very long each night.
  6. Did they stay between the hours of 10pm and 1am at any time?
  7. Thank you for posting this. My husband and I just agreed not to get it for our upcoming 8 day sailing. With 4 ports and at around $1000 for the two of us we just don't believe we can make it worth it. We are going to put a few gift cards on our account, order drinks as we want and at the end, see how much we spend and confirm if we made the right choice.
  8. I'm not going to lie, yall have me looking up cruises on the Magic right now. Everyone seems to love her! I have a feeling Horizon will be my favorite ship (so far) of the very few I've been on. I'll report back in a month 😉
  9. We get on the ship the day you get off! Enjoy your time! It's around the corner now. We are counting down eagerly 🙂
  10. THIS exactly! We are Tampa area natives and can drive to the port. But it took us FOR.FRICKEN.EVER. to get through customs. We stood in a zig zag slooooooow moving line for well over an hour with all our bags and two young kids.
  11. There’s so much I want to say in response to this. But instead I’ll just say... if you start with “I don’t know what to tell you...” perhaps just not responding at all would do.
  12. Thank you for your response! I will certainly be looking in second hand places!
  13. Thanks. I’d rather pack an extra stroller and push our bags in it, than not have it and have to carry a nearly 50lb kid around hahaha
  14. I just looked it up. It looks like it holds up to 45lbs! This is a great option. Thank you!
  15. Hi cruising families! We will be sailing in September. We have a "big kid" 6 year old boy who would never typically agree to sitting in a stroller, but I know for a fact days in the sun and swimming will exhaust him. He will be too tired at the end of a day on shore to walk back to the ship, down the pier etc. We also have a new 4 year old who regularly still takes naps, and does use a stroller. Last year when we cruised we took 2 cheap little umbrella strollers, but my son has seriously outgrown his now. I'd love some advice. Should I look for a double umbrella stroller? Or just a new stroller for my son that he could still fit in? For the record we have a double stroller that we can use but its a big full size stroller and will take up way too much space (even folded) in our cabin on the ship. I'm at a loss here. I don't want to invest in an expensive stroller that we will seldom (if ever besides the cruise) use. Thanks in advance PS- my son is 49" tall and around 46lbs (and if it matters, my daughter is 38" tall and 30lb)
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