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  1. bbtbear

    Pride 2019 Drydock videos

    Ah, I found the thread that mentioned the Pride wifi upgrade. Someone posted it in this thread:
  2. bbtbear

    My stateroom is above a dance floor

    You could also bring a fan or a white noise machine.
  3. bbtbear

    Pride 2019 Drydock videos

    I read somewhere (sorry, can't remember the source) that Pride would also be getting new, upgraded WIFI.
  4. bbtbear

    Luggage tags for carryons?

    I printed luggage tags both for checked and carry on luggage. There seems no down side to spending an extra 2 minutes to put identifying information on all of my luggage. If I somehow get separated from my carry on, say going to the bathroom or going to the bar to get a drink before my room is ready, my bags are clearly marked as mine.
  5. bbtbear

    Couples 7-Day Spa Pass

    sorry, I think it was only valid through Valentine's Day.
  6. bbtbear

    carnival pride

    Do a google search for the room numbers you want to know about. You'll find things like this photo of the view from room 5235. Just do a little homework and you'll likely find what you want to know.
  7. bbtbear

    Carnival Website

    I just checked. drop downs not working for me, either.
  8. bbtbear

    Texting Beyond HUB App

    I will be cruising in 20 days with my sister while my husband and daughter will be staying home. What my service provider (Verizon) recommended was that we all install WhatsApp on our phones and that I put my phone on airplane mode and get the wifi package on the ship. It only operates through wifi, not through a cell network. We've all installed the app and tested it out with good results. So that's our plan.
  9. bbtbear

    FTTF is available now but help !

    Also should reprint luggage tags if you've already printed them. They also reflect priority status.
  10. bbtbear

    What would you take?

    I'm with you there. With soap, too. Very sensitive skin. 🙂
  11. bbtbear

    Breaking large bills onboard

    lol oops. the 24th. Leaving for NOLA on the 23rd. 🙂
  12. bbtbear

    Breaking large bills onboard

    Also good to know! Thanks! We have Faster to the Fun, so lines shouldn't be an issue for this cruise, but the kiosks sound very convenient, so long as they are stocked with cash!
  13. bbtbear

    Breaking large bills onboard

    Yeah, that was definitely my plan, even if it meant I would need to bring the full amount of small bills i would need on the ship with me. I certainly don't want to go around flashing $100 bills!
  14. bbtbear

    Breaking large bills onboard

    Thanks! I had no idea!
  15. bbtbear

    Breaking large bills onboard

    Thanks so much for your help! 🙂