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  1. Yes, Iceland was magic. And, it's a holiday, so turn the phone off. Best to enjoy a nice glass of wine and appreciate what you can see.
  2. Have been on a few Ponant ships and used Internet. It's OK for text-only emails. A Google search, not bad. Loading a website acceptable if not too much graphics. Facebook was OK at times. Forget about 'surfing' the net and downloading videos, youtube, etc. Connectivity is via VSat satellites and data priority will be for ship's own use.
  3. Wendai

    Le Ponant Corsica

    We've just spent 10 days from Nice to Malta on Le Ponant. Had an absolutely wonderful time. But then, we are sailors, so cruising on a sailing ships was the main attraction. However, since the winds were never strong enough, or in the right direction, the ship used motor all the time. The sails were used more for steadying purposes rather than propulsion. Cruise ships have to stick to schedules. This is a sailboat, not a motorboat, so not stabilised.
  4. HI mdroho34: We've been on Lyrial a few times and a number of other Ponant ships. On Lyrial July 2018 from Athens to Venice, all along the Croatian coast. The waters were absolutely flat. Even if the Med kicks up a bit, because you are relatively close to shore and in between islands, the seas are very small. We have been on Le Boreal (a sistership) through the backside of a hurricane in the Berring Sea, and still all quite manageable. No worries!
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