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  1. Mine is still showing $99. 😣
  2. Booked for next year... Cruise planner not showing much available this far from sailing date. It is showing the zip line at $99... That seems high but what isn't. Is that the correct price and is it worth it?
  3. Not looking for excursions... Just a time filler.... Kids will be on zip line and coaster for their main entertainment. GF and I don't drink... She just likes being in the water...
  4. Just looking to kill time... Another site had a couple good reviews in the Columbus area but not much...
  5. Have the kids with us on next trip which includes Labadee. They will be zip lining and coaster riding for the bulk of the day so there's no time for formal "excursion". I'm hearing the water can be cloudy in an undisclosed area. Then I read that Adventure Beach some is off limits and other parts soft and lots of current? I'm a boat captain and fisherman by trade and can "read water" better than most. Would appreciate hearing from people where I might start looking so I can save some time???? Thanks in advance.
  6. Other than a bad run around from the spa the trip couldn't have been better...
  7. Pleasure is all mine...
  8. Yes, taxi. Ride was about $10 each way. Tour was 25 each... The class was about 2 hours. Google KaoKao factory tour for more details... No i'm not a rep. just recounting a different experience. Off the beaten path but very informative and enjoyable.
  9. She and her daughter splurged a little our last cruise. Friends bragged about how wonderful it was to get various treatments at sea and kind of goaded me into splurging for her. She was so happy before going in.
  10. Prior to heading to Cozumel, I saw a hot button for my GF that would make her day. A Chocolate tour? I decided to educate myself on chocolate and its relation to the Mayan culture. While searching around I stumbled on a tour up in town. I compared it to the one the cruise line offered and due to its hands on nature and very small class size the tour at Kao Kao won the coin toss. I can see a couple reasons it isn't sanctioned by the cruise lines. Small class size would be short on profit and its located pretty far into the residential part of town off the beaten path. We had time to shop in their little store before the class began. Not just candy. Soaps, hair conditioner, perfume, hair rinse , body wash. My GF aired my wallet pretty good on this stop. Class. Extremely informative. I will forever look at chocolate differently after it. It's history is interesting . More or less a symbol of wealth even used as a sort of currency. We learned that chocolates that we normally see in the stores are sorry knock offs of the real deal. We tasted 27 different kinds of real chocolate and each unique. From there we made our own coarse dark chocolate bars while our guide prepared a native chocolate drink with a chili added for a really fascinating kicker. I took the tour as my GF is a chocolate aficionado. Thought I would be bored but really enjoyed every second of it. Never too old to learn something!
  11. Know full well about it being overpriced... What on a cruise ship isn't? Lacking quality is even expected... To be outright incompetent and potential for long term damage to hair though is something I'm not going to just let go. I have a hunch you are right and the contingency plan is in place... I don't play nice when I give someone a chance to fix their "mistake" and they fail to.
  12. Dug deeper on the Steiner website and there was a section there dedicated to resolving cruise ship related issues. Forwarded a bunch of pictures and full description of events. Now lets see if they are customer oriented or just looking to scam a few quick bucks.
  13. As I mentioned I'm really non confrontational. Though I am pissed about the padded tip, my main concern is with how to fix my gals hair and how to keep the stylist from botching some other poor unsuspecting patron.
  14. RCL were apologetic last night and forwarded me their info. No word back yet but it is a Sunday so I'll give em a little time.
  15. Thank you... Dozen cruises and first time I have ever had t complain...
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