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  1. If I was running a hospitality business then anyone who spoke impolitely and used a threat of a poor review to get what they wanted would be banned from making a future booking.
  2. Infuriating that P&O charters a 2-3-2 formation aircraft? As ‘sitting together’ is seen as a benefit then it would seem unreasonable that if two couples paid the same price that one couple should get a benefit the other doesn’t. Thus charging for that ‘sitting together’ benefit separately to the premium seat benefit is entirely logical. Unless you prefer P&O to fly their 2-3-2 seat configuration with 1/7th of the seats empty and increase prices accordingly.
  3. Unless you have not read, listened, or watched anything about COVID in the last 18 months then you will know that it takes a certain amount of time between being infected and showing positive in a test. Therefore if someone has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, you cannot with certainty say they are (in your words) “non positive”. Only repeated testing over a period of time will confirm they are not infected. As for “keeping their customers in the dark that they would offload them” then off course it wasn’t P&O that ‘offloaded them’ but the Spanish authorities who insisted they were offloaded; an important difference. And that is the issue of booking during a global pandemic - what the Spanish authorities (or the Portuguese, or Italian, or French, etc. etc.) might say they will do this morning might have changed by this afternoon or tomorrow. If you want certainly of what will happen to you if you or someone you are in close contact with is infected with COVID then I suggest that booking a cruise during a global pandemic isn’t a sensible thing to do.
  4. You have as much chance of getting the crew to remove belongings from a sun bed as winning the lottery.
  5. From my recent Iona cruise, some of the shows appeared on the P&O booking website before we boarded, but only the first few days. But *no* addition shows were available to book on the app when we boarded. Over the course of the cruise shows appeared every few days to book. What was only bookable on board were the restaurants, and yes those did get booked up quickly for the whole two weeks for peak times. But back to the theatres. None of the shows in the theatre I went to were anywhere near full, and most were perhaps only 30 to at most 50% full - in contrast The Club House you cannot book was always standing room only. Perhaps the difference is mask wearing and no drinks in the theatre, but no masks and drinks in The Club House. Also with the theatre they only had ‘bouncers’ on the door checking people had booked up to the scheduled start time (although if you hadn’t booked it wasn’t an issue and they let you in anyway). After the start time you could just wander in and sit wherever you fancied anyway. Booking did not allocate you a specific seat if you said you didn’t need a wheelchair space (no idea what it did if you did).
  6. Not sure why you think I am unhappy with other peoples behaviour; if they want to do things that put themselves at risk then carry on. Why would the cruise company care if people from different groups want to share a table if the solution when one tests positive is to send them all off to the quarantine hotel as is being claimed. Now if P&O had been insisting that I share a table with strangers as it does in normal times then I would have complained; but it didn’t, so I didn’t need to. As for people being “locked into trips paid for before the new protocols were announced”, unless these were booked prior to March 2020 then they were booked in the middle of a global pandemic - and if people haven’t learned by now that doing anything is uncertain and changeable then they really haven’t been paying attention. For the last 18 months and for the foreseeable future booking a cruise is a gamble that things might change and you might be exposed to a risk (financial, health, itinerary changes, etc.) you hadn’t anticipated. Accept the risk or don’t book.
  7. Rather glad I switched to electric when I did. The 300 mile drive to and from Southampton is a lot less painful when it only costs £2 not £40.
  8. I don’t care what anyone does provided 1. It doesn’t put me at risk, and 2. They don’t moan if it goes wrong. As for the people sharing tables on Iona, the conversations (impossible not to overhear) revealed they were definitely not linked bookings or family groups.
  9. But cruising in a global pandemic is a risk! And anyone who thinks that the cruise operator knows exactly what will and will not happen when someone tests positive - well let’s just say they haven’t really been paying attention to what has been going on in this ever changing world in the last couple of years.
  10. Sharing a table during a global pandemic and things go wrong - well surprise, surprise. But then seeing how some people were behaving on Iona they clearly believed the ‘everyone has been tested, what’s to worry about’ nonsense.
  11. And by your own maths you demonstrate that those figures, although unpleasant, are easily afforded by lots of P&O passengers, so the “no one could afford to cruise” is a ridiculous exaggeration. That is not to say that people shouldn’t be aware of the financial risk they are taking, but cruising in a global pandemic isn’t cruising in normal times.
  12. That cabin will be fine, and frankly given that there are an awful lot of bad balcony cabins on Iona and that isn’t even close. The terrible balcony cabins are all those on deck 8, the awful balcony cabins are those on the front of the ship (steel fronted balconies, so no view, and storm doors shut in font in bad weather), and the poor balconies that are overly shaded on deck 15 aft (15516/7 and further back). And then there are the overlooked balconies (and cabins) from the corner balcony cabins (e.g. 15.242, 14.242, etc.). Epicurean above doesn’t run late or open particularly early, so that shouldn’t cause any noise, and cabins are below. The only downside is being high and at the front of the ship you will feel the movement if the sea isn’t calm, but that is solved with a seasickness pill.
  13. Of course they could - don’t exaggerate. A quarantine stay for a non-positive companion isn’t hundreds or even tens of thousands, so to suggest that every P&O passenger *couldn’t* afford to pay is absurd. Sure there are plenty who couldn’t afford to pay, but for others it is loose change. They may not *want* to pay, which is a completely different thing, but then if they don’t want to take that risk then there is a simple answer - Don’t cruise during a global pandemic.
  14. Headliners - good and good to see two new shows - although I am not sure the Festival show would appeal to older audiences (but then I realised that none of the Headliners would have been born when the Britpop songs were released). The person in charge of the sound mixing desk for the Jaz Ellington show should have been fired - absolutely awful with the (good) band drowning out an apparently excellent singer but you couldn’t hear them. Comedian - I have had funnier illnesses. The conjuring stage act - enthusiastic but not very polished. Effectively a club act. Pulse the house band that is mainly in the Club House - tolerable not not brilliant. Daytime speaker - Quite surprised they chose a speaker that would interest such a niche group. 710 club was generally the best shows, but usually impossible to get into. Also the aerobatic hire wire show they were practicing in the atrium was cancelled because the stage equipment was broken.
  15. Sush - don’t give secrets away.
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