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  1. You like the tax evading black cab drivers who take you the long way round, where the card machine is always broken, who won't do any journeys they don't fancy, and usually with some racist commentary along the way? Anyway, fake news, as Uber will appeal and they can continue to operate whilst the legal process goes on.
  2. Depends when you get there. The cable car can move 600 people an hour in each direction. So get there on the first tender off the first ship and there will be no queue. Get there after 2,000 or 3,000 people have got off three or four ships before you... Certainly possible, but if you though the cable car was busy, just wait until you see the bus between Fira and Oia!
  3. It isn't a franchise, P&O just licence the name. I would receive one, trust me.
  4. Barcelona has pickpockets not muggers. Under Spanish law, if as a pickpocket you steal something worth less than €400 ($440) it’s a misdemeanour (falta), not a crime (delito), and as such carries a penalty of around €50 ($55) if you get caught. Since violent crimes such as muggings have much more significant consequences, then as a criminal why bother? Just pickpocket the tourists! As you might guess the police are not that focused on this low level crime that has a penalty similar to a parking ticket, and so when it is reported they simply hand out stamped forms to claim on your travel insurance. So just carry what you need - a small amount of cash for a coffee, etc, a credit card not a wallet full, and do you really need to carry your passport. And don't put your $1000 iPhone down on the cafe table, because look around and it will be gone. You will be cross when your wallet, camera, phone has vanished, but you won't have been shot or stabbed. And Barcelona is not unique with this pickpocket issue, Rome, Naples, etc, are just as bad.
  5. That is what they rely on, people assuming. However at the end of the day what are they going to say? "No, you can't have a free cookie"! Yes, the staff are clearly unhappy - I suspect orders from above. Although interestingly on other Carnival Corp brand ships there is no such unhappiness asking for a biscuit, etc from the paid coffee shop - in fact the opposite, positively welcomed. As for being forced to go the the buffet because a member of staff was miserable because their manager was being grumpy - no thanks.
  6. Actually if you ask (and I stress ask not take) for a piece of cake, biscuit or whatever from the coffee shop without buying anything, then they will serve you, albeit the staff are clearly unhappy about doing so.
  7. So your logic for tipping one person and not the other is you can't be bothered to. Nice.
  8. Umm, how about just handing over some money at the end of the meal? Or is that too complicated.
  9. So you choose to tip your cabin steward who is paid to do a job and you choose not to tip your waiters who are paid to do a job. I am sure there is some logic to justify that, but I struggle to see it.
  10. Go 30 to 45 minutes before they close the doors, so between 8:45 to 9:15 pm. Never had a problem getting a table then.
  11. Don't worry, according to some here, no cruise line should ever call at Guernsey ever again as they wouldn't have the capacity to put everyone up in a hotel. Shame all these places which cruisers will miss and the local community will miss the income.
  12. Following an unpredictable event people got shelter and were reunited with the ship the following day. What more do you want.
  13. So you are doing exactly as I suggested; taking personal responsibility for the problem when the cruise company doesn't. You know if it goes wrong they won't help out, so don't book. Fine, but don't expect them to stop tendering at Monaco because of your view of a few dozen other lost bookings, when there are thousands to take your place.
  14. The vast majority of those caught up will book with P&O or another Carnival company again, irrespective. As for bad publicity - last week's chip paper; nobody will remember when they come to make a future booking.
  15. A few hundred thousand people with that view might have an impact. Otherwise...
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