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  1. yup. I was at the Beach over the holiday weekend. plenty of space between groups yet to hear the news reports, it was wall to wall bodies. they even claimed that it was the biggest holiday weekend in 3 years that went through the toll booths to the main Beach. they just fail to take into consideration that it was mostly locals, who otherwise would not set foot anywhere near the place on a normal Memorial Day Weekend.
  2. I am not anti vaxx. But some vaccines I am medically unable to get. Like Shingles. Which I have had once so am at risk of getting it again. We won’t mention the fun ones like smallpox. I can get most inert ones like the yearly flu shot. But there is no guarantee that any C19 vaccination would be doable. Or effective
  3. I dunno. Why? No one can answer that except you. And maybe your doctor. But there are thousands of potential cruisers in your age bracket who would not bat an eye at sailing without having been vaccinated against C19 nor would they particularly care if anyone else has been either.
  4. Do Tokyo on your own. The trains are bi lingual. Ueno Park has the zoo, several fantastic museums and a butt ton of people watching. Tokyo Disney/Disney Sea are worth it if you have the time. shopping at the Ginza or Achihabara. the outer gardens at the Palace.
  5. As a general rule, do not expect to be allowed to bring a scooter on most tenders. Wheelchairs on board are not loaned out unless you get injured on board. as for assistance at the port.. again, not a guarantee.
  6. There are none to speak of. River cruises are very up front about not being Fully accessible. i can think of several ports that require many steps to get up to the main drag. I am very familiar with Maysville for instance as my paternal side of the family is from 11 miles away.
  7. most obvious answer would be to actually ENFORCE your listed check in time to limit the number of people in line at security
  8. different how? as in standard operations? no one knows at this point what new policies and procedures will be in place. to include possible limitations on the number of pax allowed In the casino at any one time( for instance they could lock off every other one armed bandit and only use every other seat at the gaming tables) different as to activities? they typically start the Holiday decorating the day after T day.
  9. At least one original party must remain on the booking I order to switch names around.
  10. One 12 pack per stateroom at embarkation only. Single cans *might* be allowed at port stops
  11. Officially, no. One or two in port won’t be an issue. A case or 6 pack, depends on security
  12. Many muster stations are indoors now. I have mustered in the MDR, the Casino, the theater and a lounge.
  13. my admittedly NON scientific answer: Buffets will not be operational in the traditional sense. at best, they will be cafeteria style with a crew member filling your plate with whatever you point at. they could operate as a fast casual restaurant where you order at one spot, take a seat and have your food brought out to you MDR: the default has typically been you are seated with your own party alone on My Time Dining. they can easily extend that to traditional dining as well as remove tables that seat more than 6. Shows: doesn't take much to block off every 3rd seat( so couples can sit together) and to stagger the placement of seats to ensure there is adequate distance between rows. elevators are trickier, I think. can they station crew at each bank of elevators to limit how many get on? will those same crew have the ability to call an elevator on demand for those in WC/ECV/Strollers. I can't see that happening logically especially after muster, around show times and MDR times. ,maybe they will have them thoroughly cleaned and sanitized 8 times a day instead of 4. maybe they will strongly encourage the use of masks while using. there is increasing evidence that surfaces are not as conducive to the spread of C19 as your fellow passenger. will they make say the pool deck one way Port side and the other way Starboard side? will they limit Bingo games to no more than 25 people at a go? In my NSHO, the cruise industry can adapt, short term and long term, but it's not going to be easy and would probably turn off a fair percentage of cruisers, possibly permanently.
  14. I was just at my doctors office. Got temp checked coming into the building. 96.8. The gun thingy 10 minutes later, 99.6 with a traditional thermometer Under the tongue.
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