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  1. as general rule they fit everywhere. for MDR, you can either ask for a table close to the front entrance or you just park it outside the doors and walk in Muster can either be done at the regular station or at the special needs station( typically the theater) they MUST be parked inside the cabin when not in use.. even for just a short time. you need to know up front the dimensions of the scooter( with and without arms) to determine whether it will fit. GS are a decent size inside so storing it out of the way should be doable without issue. you can also have furniture removed to make more room as well. tender ports its very possible that the scooter will not be allowed on board the tenders. for the regular ports the crew will be able to assist somewhat if the ramps are steep. I do suggest she practice on carpeting if possible as well as higher thresholds if she isn't already well versed there. . for some reason the doorways seem to be problematic to some getting them up and over.
  2. I can chime in on this one. yes many hotels DO restrict which rooms that can be used for pets/service animals. at my hotel( major tourist trap) one HA room was designated pet free, all others plus about 5% of the standard rooms were okay for pets. they also happened to be in a separate building but I am not sure if that was by design or what. that being said after every stay with a fur guest, it is deep cleaned( rug shampooed, comforter changed out etc) or..it should have been. I have my doubts based on the owner , his drug habit and tendency to stalk the younger housekeepers. of course anyone can request a deep cleaning before their stay.
  3. Uhh..yES. Unless you assume a deaf person will not get off the ship and head into port or something
  4. and eliminate others legitimate issues? there are hearing dogs for deaf people.. seizure and low blood sugar detecting dogs. dogs that act as the hands and legs of paralyzed people. all of these are true legitimate service animals that perform a vital and necessary task for their human.
  5. no faster and in fact can be slower if you order during the busiest part of the dinner service. plus it is all brought at once instead of course by course.( unless you place orders for each course separately. which can add even more time to the total experience)
  6. of course. also extreme wind, and snow. do you honestly think that in the case of emergency it will only happen in nice weather? same with embarking and disembarking.
  7. Dutch medical system aside, the receptionist can very easily be a ,medical assistant/Tech.. meaning having had formal training in basic things such as routine injections, drawing blood, setting up IVs and taking Pulse/BP readings.
  8. anything over 90 days requires a full Tourist visa. cruise count as part of the 90 days as you do return to the US at the end of each leg unless it is a transatlantic or repositioning cruise.
  9. reports indicate that not so much any more. you MIGHT be able to borrow one from the Concierge. I get the feeling that every time a cabin is 'refreshed' things are removed. we had the exact same cabin (not Harmony) about 6 month apart. DVD player was there for the first trip, not the second.
  10. as a general rule while in port, on board dining options are quite limited. even the WJ is 'half staffed' meaning you don't always get all the stations open. even the MDR is only open for lunch on sea days.
  11. they also change between early and late seating. FTR, one cruise, the physical location of our table( same number) changed every night. started off between two windows, end up practically inside the Host station across the aisle.
  12. officially the answer is no guests may not switch dining times or between MTD and Fixed Dining. that being said, asking the Maitre d' is advisable. all they can do is say no.
  13. two questions: has she ever used a scooter before and does she realize that you do need both hands to operate one in most cases? with a busted shoulder she may not find it as easy to operate, even with extensive experience
  14. and here we have it.. the official answer of the original question: yes she will be charged.
  15. priority boarding is NOT the same as Priority Check in. as a Gold, you will not likely see any speedy process before the Security checkpoint, nor will you likely be shown to a shorter line afterward. once you are checked in, boarding groups are as follows: back to backers, Wedding parties, Pinnacle, Suites , Key( or any order of these main 4 groups) followed by a boarding number based on your status. the time between the first group being called and the last is typically under 20 minutes. boarding has typically begun by 11-1130 at Galveston. my guess is the cruise before yours had a significant delay in clearing the ship for you to have waited that long to check in and board. more than once our departure was delayed by an hour or more due to fog, and once winds so string they couldn't bring the gangway over to the ship
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