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  1. there are child menus for the less expensive cost: $10 or half price depending on ship/ venue/etc. these tend to have less exotic versions of the regular menu.. a plain marinara sauce as opposed to penne ala vodka for instance. smaller steak with fries as opposed to a 8 oz with polenta type thing. if they eat off the regular menu they pay full price. the dumbed down kids menu from the DR is officially only available to the under 6 crowd. some waiters will be flexible about providing something for a picky eater as well as whether or not you get charged.
  2. no reservations at all. WRT to the Ice show, they will tell you when 'your' show is.. there will be 2-3 scheduled and due to the small venue they can't accommodate everyone at once. that being said, there's still a decent chance that you could get a seat via standby during one of the other scheduled times.
  3. we've only seen it offered during the last half of the cruise, never on day 1.
  4. while Alaska is on my bucket list, I am not sure its the best option for a first time cruiser. are you wanting to leave from a Left Coast port? then look into Mexican Riviera.. or one of the sailings that hit San Francisco, Monterey etc with the requisite stop in Mexico to satisfy the law. Catalina island is a great port as well.
  5. if that is taxes and fees included, that's a pretty good deal. better if the quote is in AUS $.
  6. Parents in the middle cabin should meet the requirements. with all of them being older teens they should have no issue . did you price out one of the large suites that hold 6? it might be negligible price difference over three cabins. or do you desperately want a cabin to yourself ?! heheheh
  7. ran into a CG officer once who used to be stationed up there. he said cruise passengers on their own are notorious for getting into scrapes that require rescue and for missing the ship due to poor time management skills.
  8. My joint issues preclude me from lifting more than a pound or two above my shoulders. They also preclude me from packing the kitchen sink. Not all of us are stupid or selfish. My current fav piece for carry on is smaller than max allowed and squishy so that the oversized one can still fit
  9. The only thing you need is a splash pad for the 1 year old unless they( and the 3 yo) are fully potty trained. Second consideration is the nursery if you want adult family time like at a specialty restaurant.
  10. We have an electric smoker, and a Big Green Egg. The electric produces good results. The Egg produces excellent results.
  11. battery operated or USB powered fan. a regular plug in one could get confiscated the rest is permitted and doable except for the water. they do have a water package but its not 'really cheap' and of course never fill your pwn personal cups directly from the machines. you are also permitted to bring 2 750 Ml bottles of wine per cabin. corkage fee if you consume it anywhere other than your cabin
  12. I wouldn't do either. I'd either get a touch up just before I left,. or I'd deal with the greyand extra week or so.
  13. a lot of times these special interest groups have on board activities that are geared solely towards their group.. esp AotS. things like special activities for the kids, seminars for the adults, guest speakers, etc. a lot of the 'sail with X celebrity' are like that too.. private concerts or meet n greets, private parties, exclusive amenities.
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