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  1. Hi all. This is my first post. I was having trouble getting a good read on the internet on the Noordam – Holland America so I thought I would post this so others might know what to expect. This is 06/2018 for Alaska. They have three packages available. Social Plan (all USD) – 14.99/ Day or 69.99/week with 200mb of data, Surf plan 24.99/day or 99.99/week with 300mb of data Premium plan 29.99/day or 139.99/week with 500mb of data. You can also buy the week package after the cruise starts at a pro-rated amount. Streaming can be done ont he premium plan, but not the other two. The social plan is limited to a number of social media sites so if you want email and/or news sites, etc. , go for the Surf or Premium plan. If you exceed the data amounts, it will be throttled, but not stopped. If you have a multi-day plan, it will reset at midnight. Another important note is this is a PER DEVICE plan. If you want to use more than one device at a time, you will need to purchase a second plan. There is no discount.You can swap devices at any time, but can’t use two at the same time. Overall the plans really good. However – at this time – they have a 60 minute timeout. It’s a hangover from the previous plans that were minute based. It turns out this is far more than an annoyance. It’s downright frustrating. All seems to be going well and then it just stops working. Or you put your phone down for a few minutes and go to connect again and nothing happens. They say 60 minutes, but my experience is that it is far less sometimes. If you are tech savvy, you will be fine, but annoyed. If you are tech challenged, you may feel like you were ripped off and it “never works”.They really have good people that will help you and even have a seminar to help you through. I ended up getting one plan for me and my wife and a second for my teenage son. All in all, I thought it was a great plan. If they can get the timeout part fixed it will be one of the best. I was able to watch YouTube and listen to a baseball game. One other thing. If you want to share get a router/wireless access point. I bought a Tripmate Titan made by HooToo. It really is a nice device to have for something like this because it’s battery powered so you can take it with you so you can share the devices anywhere on the ship (as long as you stay close together). These packages were started at the beginning of May 2018. Hopefully this helps some of you travelling on the Noordam. Enjoy!
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