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  1. Hello, we are Americans who were booked on the May 30th sailing of the Seaside. Because I think it's highly unlikely cruising will be back that soon, I decided to cancel. I was still in the window where I could get a cash refund and lose my $200 deposit, so that's what I decided to do. I wanted to make sure I got a cash refund and not a FCC, so that's why I decided to go this route. It's been over a week, and the refund hasn't come through yet. Other Americans that have cancelled, how long until you received your refund? I'm sure MSC is backed up in processing refunds, but I can't help but be nervous and I won't relax until it comes through. TIA!
  2. Well I was booked on the May 30th sailing of the Seaside out of Miami. (I'm an American.) I got spooked and just cancelled after reading all these reports. With the way things are going, I just don't feel comfortable leaving that much money in their hands and I still had 12 days left to cancel and lose my deposit only. So that's the route I took. I'm supposed to get a full refund minus $200. I also already had flights so now I have a $600 flight credit I have to use in 90 days I don't need. I'm so sad and disappointed, I really wanted to go on this cruise and was so excited about it. 😞
  3. E-learning was just approved by the state of Illinois this year. Our school district was already set up for 2 e-learning days, which I'd image teachers and school officials assumed would be used for snow days, not a pandemic. 😉 My kids have a folder that is supposed to be kept in their backpack at all times that includes materials and login instructions. I'd imagine teachers had to scramble to get together e-learning for 3 additional days, though. And according to state of IL statute, only 5 days need to be made up and anything beyond that is considered an "act of God." If all goes well and things calm down with this virus, 5 days of school is all they should miss since the other week was already our planned Spring Break. Education varies so much in the U.S. though, so each state will have their own laws regarding this and each local school district will have their own procedures. My family is in a better position than most, I substitute teach for our district so I'm very familiar with the curriculum and my husband works in IT so we have plenty of computers in our house. My oldest is in 8th grade so he has a computer from the school (since our district provides them to 5th grade and up) but my younger two are in 4th and 1st grade so they don't have a computer through the school.
  4. Schools in the U.S. are all run by local governments and overseen by states, so there is a lot of variation in how things are done. In my particular school district, students don't get a computer through the school until 5th grade and up. It was just announced by the Illinois governor that all schools in our state will now be closed from Tuesday through the end of the month. Some districts are closing Monday as well, our district will be open Monday so teachers can give instructions on e-learning and pass out paper assignments to students who don't have computer access. One of the weeks we have off was our scheduled Spring Break so there will be no e-learning that week. I'm not even sure exactly how this will all work, this is the first time we will be using e-learning.
  5. I'm in IL. New this year, our school district set up e-learning (online learning) days so that any missed days of school (due to snow days, etc.) would not need to be made up. Our district's superintendent sent out an email yesterday that our district is currently set up for 2 e-learning days, and they are rushing to prepare for 3 additional e-learning days. Anything past that are considered "Act of God" days by Illinois statute and would not need to be made up. I assume each state has their own rules regarding this. Seems crazy that many days could just be forgiven, though! There is still over 2 1/2 months left in the school year!
  6. Do we know cash isn't being refunded and only a FCC offered when the cruise is cancelled? If that's the case, that will tip the scales for me and I will cancel and eat my deposit. I'm not sailing until May 30 and things might be better then, or they might not. But right now, I can still cancel for cash and lose my deposit. If I wait too long, that won't be the case. If things are better by then and the ship sails, I would like to go on the cruise. We are not elderly and don't have underlying health issues. If the cruiseline cancels for whatever reason, I want cash back and not a FCC. We already have flights and want to use that money for a land vacation if we don't cruise. If cash isn't being given, I'm playing it safe and cancelling now while I can still get most of my money back. ETA, we are Americans cruising out of Miami so international flight bans aren't a concern.
  7. I'm in IL, our district sent out a form today that we needed to fill out if we are traveling over Spring Break which starts week after next. We aren't cruising, our cruise isn't until May 30th after school gets out for the Summer. We do have a Spring Break road trip to Destin, FL planned, though. We rented a privately owned condo and can't cancel so we're going. I hope it doesn't get my kids kicked out of school for a few weeks but if it does, I guess I'll be homeschooling for a few weeks!
  8. Exactly. This is a big concern of mine. I was lucky *sarcasm* enough to buy a brand new house in 2007, right before the U.S. housing crash. My builder went bankrupt 1 month after we closed, we never got the fully sodded lot we paid for, we never got our home warranty, and we were luckier than the people who hadn't closed yet and had houses under construction they had put large deposits down on. They never got those deposits back. Obviously a house is a bigger investment than a vacation, but losing the money you paid for a vacation still hurts. I'm worried about what this will do to many aspects of the travel industry, MSC included, if this doesn't resolve itself fairly quickly. I don't want a FCC and then the company goes belly up.
  9. My family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids) are booked on the May 30th sailing of the Seaside. I'm at the point now where I can get my money back minus my deposit. Come end of March when I'm 60 days out, that will no longer be the case. Does anyone know if they are doing anything for people like me, are they refunding deposits or issuing the deposit as a FFC? Or would I just be out the deposit? I REALLY want to go on our cruise, but if things continue to go south, I also really want my money back instead of a FFC so I'm trying to weigh my options before we reach the 60 day point.
  10. Does anyone know if these family cabins on the Armonia accomodate 5? We are a family with 3 kids and are booked on the Armonia this June in 2 rooms. I'm not thrilled we have to be split between 2 rooms but the price of the Armonia couldn't be beat so we went with it anyway. It would be ideal if we could put everyone in one room. Those family rooms are likely booked anyway since we are less than 5 months out but I thought I'd ask! TIA.
  11. Thanks for the reply! I was pricing it out with the non-alcoholic package for the kids because I thought it was required and it still came out slightly cheaper. If we can get away with only buying the easy package for the adults, that would be great! I don't think my kids will drink enough soda/juice to justify the price so I'd prefer to not buy it for them if possible.
  12. It's actually for 5 people, 2 adults and 3 kids. (Well, 2 kids and 1 teen.) We are looking at booking 2 cabins. 1 adult and 1 child in 1, 1 adult and 2 children in the other. This is what I was basing my math on.
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone! I was looking at the June 14, 2020 Armonia sailing and doing the math, the escape rate plus adding easy drinks and internet a la carte actually comes out just slightly cheaper, so I was wondering if there was something I was missing? Sounds like it's better to just book the escape rate, thanks!
  14. Just wondering if there is any advantage to booking the "all in" rate that includes drinks and wifi vs. booking the "escape to sea" rate and adding drinks and wifi a la carte? A little background, this is for a Caribbean sailing out of Miami and we will likely purchase the easy drink package and basic internet regardless. Doing the math, it doesn't appear that "all in" saves any money vs. a la carte. Just wondering if there is anything I'm missing? Thanks!
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